The wife of Pierce Brosnan's shocking forms

The wife of Pierce Brosnan's shocking forms Apparently, the ex-James bond actor pierce Brosnan was exhausted from the perfect bodies of girlfriends of his character, and therefore enjoyed admiring the phenomenal forms his own wife, former journalist Keeley Shay Smith.During a recent romantic getaway in Hawaii Killy, which is not particularly skinny, frightened of the paparazzi, who are used to fit the inflated celebrities, its truly enormous sizes. "Really, receiving such fees, not to freshen up?" - wondered entrenched in the bushes photographers. But Brosnan seemed visibly pleased and admired his half, when she was splashing in the warm sea waves. Pierce even bought your wife at the beachfront cafe a couple of her favorite hot dogs.RelativesCompany actor and his wife on vacation was their eldest son, 10-year-old Dylan. The youngest, 6-year-old Paris, on the eve of departure caught a cold, so parents and left his home in Los Angeles under the supervision of his grandmother and nanny.After a couple of days to the family Brosnan joined his older brother Killy, the man, too, by the way, quite chubby. Source: the Wife of Pierce Brosnan's shocking forms (photo). Читать полностью -->

The ex-wife of McCartney suffers from pain in the pelvis

The ex-wife of McCartney suffers from pain in the pelvisEx-wife of British musician Paul McCartney, Heather mills, is preparing for a surgical operation to restore a broken plate in the pelvis. Former model and mother of 4-year-old daughter Beatrice McCartney 14 years ago, lost a leg when she was hit by a police motorcycle.Reported by UPI.An informed source told the Mirror newspaper that mills really suffers from the fact that metal plate in her pelvis broke."She was separated after popped the screw. Two weeks ago the joint is moved and now it's unstable. She may need a major operation," said the source, adding that the recovery from surgery can last up to six months.Earlier this week, the media reported that McCartney has offered mills to pay compensation in the amount of 51 million dollars. Attorneys mills, as they say, convince her to accept the offer.McCartney had originally offered to pay mills a sum of 6 to 10 million dollars.As a condition of the transaction mills will get 51 million, but will be obliged not to disclose the details of their relationship with the former beatle. Source: Ex-wife of McCartney suffers from pain in the pelvis. Читать полностью -->

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