Ex wife Sarkozy called him a `dumb slut`

Ex wife Sarkozy called him a `dumb slut`Paris court on Friday rejected the claim of the former wife of the President of France, Cecilia Sarkozy, demanding to ban the sale of the controversial book "Cecilia" on the relationship between ex-spouses, written by journalist Anna Bitton.About it reports "Tape.ru" referring to AFP.In the book, in particular, the statements about Cecilia ex-husband, the children and the lover Richard Attias, whom she met in 2005 and at the time left the family. Former first lady of France calls Nicolas Sarkozy "unbalanced miser" and "goofy womanizer, and his Ministers a "criminal gang".Ex wife Sarkozy denied any involvement in these passages and demanded to cancel its release, which is scheduled for the coming days. The plaintiff's lawyers announced his intention to challenge the decision of the court, reports the business newspaper "Sight". In their opinion, the publication of the book is a gross violation of privacy Cecilia and Nicolas Sarkozy.Weeklies Point and Nouvel Observateur has published excerpts from the controversial book - the ex-wife makes critical comments about personal qualities of the President of France and his environment.Cecilia allegedly talked about Sarkozy as "goofy womanizer", "unreliable", "unbalanced" person and a "miser", and his Ministers calls a "criminal gang", "young people on a power trip and imagines himself to princes in Paris. . Girlfriends ex-husband she described as "prostitutes", and the employees of the office of the President called "boring old maids"."He doesn't deserve respect. Читать полностью -->

Gregory Leps torturing itching

Gregory Leps torturing itchingAt the concert of Grigory Leps, the songs "Natalie", "tango of broken hearts," "angel of tomorrow", in Vladivostok on Tuesday night was a full house.The tickets were sold out several weeks before the show. Dissatisfied there is nobody: Leps beautifully sang and joked a lot.- Na-TA-Lee. Quench my sorrow... for rubles! - improvised on-the-go artist. And compliments from the audience, "Grisha - you're the best!" very relaxed, "I know! Who doubt".However, those wishing to argue with this statement were not the only people dragged on stage armfuls of flowers and scented idol in a hot embrace. Presented Leps and unusual gift - two boxes of Chinese alcohol.- Oh, - confused Leps. Читать полностью -->

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