The witness told about last words of Princess Diana

The witness told about last words of Princess DianaFirefighter Damian Dalby, who had one of the first to aid the deceased in a car accident Princess Diana, told investigators that the last words of lady Diana was "Oh my God", according to CNN.He also said that photographers-paparazzi present at the scene of the accident in the Paris tunnel under the Alma bridge, took pictures instead to provide the necessary assistance to the victims.The testimony of Damien Dalby were heard on Thursday at the Royal court in London via video link from Paris. Fire Dalby happened to be in the tunnel, where the tragedy occurred, one of the first. According to him, he tried to help the victims, not knowing what was in the car, the woman - the Princess of Wales. Dalby added that the photographers did not stop him.However, the witness noted that when arriving at the scene of the accident, the police began to push back "paparazzi," one of them said something like: "We make money, please let us do our job", reports RIA "Novosti".On the question of the lawyer leading the investigation, "is it true that lady Diana was trying to say?" Devi said, "Yes. She repeated "Oh my God".We will remind, on the eve of a new version of the death of the Princess. According to the witness of Jacques Morel, who gave evidence to the inquiry, photographers-"paparazzi" deliberately blocked the car of Princess Diana in a Paris tunnel, deliberately "lead" car in the Alma tunnel to force the driver to stop.Note that the court in London almost every day faced with new sensations, reproduced with new witnesses.So, on October 15 witness another French - Francois Levitr - told a London court that in the moments before the crash, the car Princess Diana was under the influence of a strange flash of light that could blind the driver. Читать полностью -->

Princess Diana believed that the father of Dodi al-Fayed was spying on her

Princess Diana believed that the father of Dodi al-Fayed was spying on herShortly before his death, Princess Diana believed that the father of her friend Dodi al-Fayda, billionaire Mohammed al-Fayd spied on her while the couple was on vacation on a yacht in the Mediterranean.This was stated by sister Diana Sarah Mccorquodale, which on Monday had testified at the trial about the circumstances surrounding the death of the Princess.At the judge's question about how did the Princess that she was being watched, sister Diane said, "She thought al Fayed senior found listening devices on the vessel". According to lady Sarah, Diana told her about their suspicions that talking on a cell phone while she was with Dodi on the yacht al-Viedow.According to Sarah Mccorquodale, Roman Diana and Dodi, if they survived, would not be prolonged. "I don't think their relationship would shed long," she said. Sarah added that Diana in conversations with her never mentioned the possibility of her engagement to Dodi or about her pregnancy.According to the sisters, Diana continued to experience strong feelings for my old friend, the doctor of Pakistani origin to Hasnat Khan. "I think that was a strong likelihood that they could get married. I don't think she believed that their relationship ended, and she was hoping that they are not ended," said Sarah, referring to Diana and Hasnat Khan.Sister Princess Diana admitted that she and their mother after the death of the Princess had destroyed many of the documents related to the deceased. Читать полностью -->

Rowdy antics Lolita

Rowdy antics LolitaNo accident Sunday concert of Lolita was held in the Krasnoyarsk theatre of musical Comedy: the singer not so much singing, much amused fans.The show was so enchanting that we decided to just list all the antics that the presenter of the program "Without complexes" arranged on the stage.The concert started half an hour late. The singer does not explain to the audience their late arrival, but appeared on the scene very effectively: when the lights came on, she stood half-naked, wrapped in a towel. Most of the show Lo talked about her beloved. On a monologue about the problems of the female figure "40" it took 20 minutes...During the execution of one of the dances Lolita took the thin hands of the dancer, and his keyboardist, shined and kissed the boots. The singer told a story about how one day on "star Factory" one of the participants for the eyes called lolita "an old bitch". - On the word "bitch" I'm not offended, - said the artist with the audience, but the fact that the "old", I hurt.Lolita did a lot of compliments Krasnoyarsk fans. Читать полностью -->

Orbakaite denied the rumors about her pregnancy

Orbakaite denied the rumors about her pregnancyThe other day Orbakaite performed on the stage of the "Olympic" at the final concert of the young singers under the direction of brothers Meladze.The only real pregnant person at the event was Alsou, who is now expecting her second child from her husband Yan Abramov. Despite well-chosen clothes, rounded tummy, the singer confirmed the rumor. However, the singer has not been officially comment on the information about pregnancy.Rumors about the pregnancy Christina did not emerge for the first time and as always, spontaneously, the newspaper writes. "It's not my secrets!" -refused to comment on the situation, a close friend of the singer. But Orbakaite vehemently denied the gossip. "No, I'm not pregnant in the near future is not going to," said the singer in an interview with "MK", is too dense for me not to schedule.Christine grow two sons from two previous marriages, with Vladimir Presnyakov and Ruslan Baysarov, she is now married to businessman Mikhail Zemtsov. Читать полностью -->

Chest 5-th size Salma Hayek awarded God

Chest 5-th size Salma Hayek awarded GodThe dream of millions of men Salma Hayek admitted that all childhood... prayed for large Breasts. Sultry latina said that up to 14 years her one ambition was to get big Breasts.- Every Sunday, when we went with his parents to Church, and every evening before going to sleep I prayed about it, " laughs the 39-year-old actress. I even became a daily showering his chest with Holy water, so she quickly, and most importantly, more grown up.Well, looking at the bust of a young mom Hayek, you know that her prayers were heard. Source: Chest 5-th size Salma Hayek awarded God. . Читать полностью -->

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