Pregnant Christina Aguilera forgot to wear underwear

Pregnant Christina Aguilera forgot to wear underwearPopular singer Christina Aguilera, apparently, decided to follow the Hollywood tradition, rooted Britney Spears, and appeared in public without panties.The pregnant star and her husband, music producer Jordan Bratman, celebrated their second wedding anniversary, according to the Gossip Girls.The couple got dressed up for dinner in a chic restaurant Amalfi. However, when increased in size Christina stepped out of the car, the paparazzi photographed the complete absence under her mini-dress underpants.Christina and Jordan are expecting their first child which should be born early next year. Preparations for this event are in full swing. R&B singer and close friend of Aguilera Christina Millian, having been the home of the expectant mother, said: "Her son will be very happy child, because his mother was a special woman. She'll make a wonderful mother.". . Читать полностью -->

Based on the life of Lolita staged performance

Based on the life of Lolita staged performancePopular singer and TV presenter Lolita was surprised to learn that in her life put on a performance. Lolita knew nothing about the theatrical production, the main character that she is.In a provincial theatre staged the play "Man is an animal that cannot keep in the house" based on the life of Lolita the Site."Oh, are you kidding? "asked Lolita, when she was called by a correspondent of the newspaper "Arguments and facts". - Don't tell me and even the Prime Minister was not invited. Generally, it is an honor for me, what about me put the whole show. But in life, put, here's what confuses. The final specific no."You the story I will tell. Читать полностью -->

`Tattoo` Yulia Volkova became a mother for the second time

`Tattoo` Yulia Volkova became a mother for the second time"Tattoo" Yulya Volkova became a mother. Today about half past four in the morning her husband Parviz he brought the favorite in the clinic. And in 6.35 a healthy baby boy weighing 3 kg 400 g and was 52 cm tall was born.Yulia gave birth without surgical intervention. According to doctors everything went smoothly and surprisingly quickly, because this is the second birth is "tattoos". Now the condition of mother and child are satisfactory. While Julia wakes up in the postpartum unit, and then transferred to the room "Suite". Читать полностью -->

`Old` Buzova all tired

`Old` Buzova all tiredOlga Buzova arranged in the "House-2" scandal, immediately after returning from St. Petersburg, where he was studying. Her boyfriend Roma Tretyakov, who left the show for family reasons, too, is about to return to the "House-2".In urban apartments "House-2" on TNT looked Olga Buzova, which Metropolitan living space is not inherited, although it participates in the reality show for more than three years, according to the press service of the TV channel TNT.At the last moment the apartment of Olga Buzova intercepted tori and Russel. They were able to convince everyone - presenters, and participants that Olga to give apartment for no reason - still a long time she went to St. Petersburg, and besides, her boyfriend Roman Tretyakov left the TV show, and one of Olga's apartment 70 square meters is too much.The other day Buzova, back from Peter, as the guest visited that apartment, where he planned to live with their boyfriend, and are unable to leave this situation without scandal. Olga warned tori and Russell that they are not used to this housing. Читать полностью -->

Eddie Murphy never liked Mel b

Eddie Murphy never liked Mel bThe newspaper News of the World publishes new scandalous details of relationship between the participant of group Spice Girls Melanie brown and her ex-lover, actor Eddie Murphy.So, brown argues that Murphy lived together and were planning on getting married before she got pregnant from him. However, informed sources close to the family of Murphy, said that Mel b from the beginning wanted to give birth to the actor, but promised to use contraception during their intimate contacts. Brown said they were with Murphy lived together, but it was not so, says a source.The source said: "Mel said if Eddie agrees to give her the house for 9 million dollars in Malibu, and will pay child support for 18 years, there will be no problem". . . . Читать полностью -->

Helly berry wants to be pregnant forever

Helly berry wants to be pregnant foreverActress Halley berry so excited to be pregnant that she would like to stay in an interesting position forever. "I'm burning from all these hormones. Want to be eternally pregnant," happily said 41-year-old Oscar winner in an interview with InStyle magazine."I feel so much joy and energy that just can't stop," says Barry, adding that she now she eats many times as you want without worrying about the consequences, but trying to keep in shape, doing yoga, swimming, gymnastics, as well as on the elliptical trainer.Although berry said she doesn't yet know the sex of the baby, she's sure it's a girl. "In our house constantly playing Stevie wonder's "Isn't she lovely." For some unknown reason, I constantly hear it. It's a sign of having a girl," says the actress.Berry added that when she became pregnant, stopped drinking carbonated soft drinks due to contained substances there of caffeine and aspartame. Also berry says she often relaxed with a glass of wine, and now to relieve stress, it helps a good massage.The long-awaited pregnancy from her lover, the male model Gabriel Aubrey, Helly berry announced in September, when she was three months pregnant. Читать полностью -->

Pierce Brosnan beat the fan because of a compliment

Pierce Brosnan beat the fan because of a complimentThe famous American actor pierce Brosnan, who became famous for playing the role of James bond, came under the investigation of the attack on the photographer, reports ФактNews with reference to ReutersThe representative of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, Steve Whitmore declined to comment on details of the incident that took place last Friday at the Mall Malibu, but the tabloid writes that witnessed the brawl was allegedly told that the photographer Robert Rosen and pierce Brosnan got into a fight when the photographer approached the actor and began to praise him for the roles played in films about the agent 007. The Brosnan such a touching attention from the paparazzi had no taste and he lashed out at her admirer.According to the photographer, Brosnan was in the store with children. When Rosen began to shoot, the actor was rudely advised him to change jobs. When the paparazzi tried to smooth the situation by starting to make compliments, pier with curses pounced on him and hit him in the ribs. In turn, the photographer managed to kick the actor in the stomach.Whitmore said that the results of the investigation will be forwarded to the Los Angeles district attorney for a decision on whether to press charges against Brosnan. 54-year-old Irish actor has played in four of the James bond movies from 1995 to 2002. Читать полностью -->

Models undressed calendar for Victoria's Secret

Models undressed calendar for Victoria's Secret World famous lingerie brand Victoria's Secret has released the calendar, the creation of which was attended by leading models. Lifestyle women from Victoria's Secret is the desire to feel and look sexy, stunning.In parallel with these online stores sell cosmetics and perfume. Workshop marketing policy allowed the brand to rouse the once-quiet industry. Victoria's Secret holds regular show, demonstrations of new products with the assistance of supermodels. The new products are available each season. Online showing the latest from Victoria's Secret in 1999 became one of the hits of the Internet. Читать полностью -->

Died Natalya Durova

Died Natalya DurovaAs reported MK.Ru Deputy artistic Director of the "Durov Corner", died people's artist of the USSR Natalia Durova.Natalya Durova was born 13 April 1934. Her extraordinary talent was evident from an early age, when four-year-old girl first appeared with his father on the circus arena. With him in mixed line brigades were in front of the soldiers on the front lines and in nine years, received the award from the hands of Marshal Zhukov - Guards badge.Natalya Durova - artistic Director, General Director GUK "Theatre "the Corner of grandfather Durov", people's artist of the USSR and Russia, laureate of State and international awards, writer, academician of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences. Source: Died Natalya Durova. . . Читать полностью -->

VIP booze goes Hollywood: the uncensored

VIP booze goes Hollywood: the uncensored We are all human, and man, as you know, weak and greedy. Sometimes the star need to relax. Here they are and relax. For the full program.Well, to speak here in General, not about anything. The paparazzi started bread time. In the run-up to Christmas "yellow journalism" was a riot of drunken photos idols. Читать полностью -->

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