Lolita fans laugh, wearing a hat with a pompom

Lolita fans laugh, wearing a hat with a pompomOn tour in Novosibirsk singer Lolita so cold, so right after the concert went to the store to buy myself a winter hat.- Bought the stupid model - confessed "Z" singer. - Black knitted hat with a huge POM for 500 rubles. I find it really suits me! I'm 15 minutes laughing hysterically, seeing herself in the mirror in it.The city's residents probably thought I was drunk or crazy, but in this "bundle" I'm so hilarious look! Decided to take it, was not was, will be sad, will pop on, you see, the mood will improve. Source: Lolita amused fans, wearing a hat with a pompom. . . Читать полностью -->

In the U.S., selected the most healthy and unhealthy stars

In the U.S., selected the most healthy and unhealthy starsJessica Biel and David Beckham have been named the healthiest celebrities, news the title of the friend of Justin Timberlake and famous football player awarded the site visitors SoCal Cleanse Detox, devoted to the purification of the body. Meanwhile, singer Amy Winehouse has been named the most unhealthy star among the women.Ex-husband of Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee was the most unhealthy among men who received 45 percent of the vote, and alcoholic David Hasselhoff took second place with 22 percent.23-year-old Amy, who is currently trying to overcome my addiction to alcohol and drugs, "won" by a large margin, receiving 47 percent. The site offered her a 12-month supply of the drug SoCal Cleanse Detox Formula, as well as a special course of cleansing the body.Most healthy women:1. Jessica Biel - 35 percent2. Carrie underwood - 22 percent3. Rachel Bilson - 20 percent4. Читать полностью -->

In Vienna under `Euro 2008` was the Opera ball

In Vienna under `Euro 2008` was the Opera ballUnder the sign of the upcoming in Austria of the European championship on football of Euro 2008 in Vienna on the night of Friday, there was the world-famous Opera ball, the guests of which were more than 5 thousand people.Among them is the country's political leadership, representatives of Austrian and international business elites and prominent figures in the arts and Sciences, outstanding athletes, including the Kaiser of German football Franz Beckenbauer.Among the guests were the famous American stripper and ex-wife of shock-rocker Marilyn Manson Dita von Teese in the company's 75-year-old tycoon Richard Lugner, as well as the star of the popular series "Desperate Housewives" Teri Hatcher. Also at the ball appeared speakers last year at this event, the Russian Opera diva Anna Netrebko and ex-wife of the famous musician Mick Jagger Bianca Jagger.The Central event of this year 52 of the ball was the presentation of 22 ballet dancers expanded on in the center of the main hall green "football field". Dressed in a football uniform artists in the dance depicted the battle of the two teams. The "ball balls" was also a Spanish tenor and devoted fan of football Jose Carreras.After main output of 200 pairs of debutants of the ball was followed by the coveted appeal: "all are Waltzing!" Then began the dance, which usually lasted until morning. Peace and security to the guests of the Vienna Opera ball guarded 700 police officers in uniform and in plain clothes. The Opera house was cordoned off, and skip to it from 19:00 local time began only guests of the ball. Читать полностью -->

At Dennis Rodman sued for last year's slap

At Dennis Rodman sued for last year's slapA former employee at Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas filed against the former basketball player Dennis Rodman a lawsuit, accusing him of insulting, reports on Sunday, the Associated Press.According to Sarah Robinson (Sara Robinson), the incident occurred in March 2006 in one of the bars. Rodman, desperate to attract the attention of the barmaid started climbing on the counter. When Robinson still attracted brawler attention and approached him, he pulled her to him and began to RUB against it with his body," according to the lawsuit. The woman tried to escape, and then a former athlete smacked her on the buttocks.Robinson also contends that the hotel fired her when she complained about the behavior of the guest in another incident a month later. Thus, the claim Rodman was accused of insulting and obscene behavior, and Hard Rock in negligence resulting in failure to protect the employee from harassment.The amount of moral damages in the lawsuit is not specified. Also it is not clear why the suit was filed only now, after a year and a half after those events. Читать полностью -->

In the life of Alla Pugacheva started a black stripe

In the life of Alla Pugacheva started a black stripeAlla Pugacheva tries not to pay attention to what they write about it in the press. During the long years of intense artistic life diva accustomed to everything. But vanity, which parted around her name in recent months, Dolly parton still worried.She even called this period in my life, "black stripe"."Recently I had a streak of bad luck," said the singer in an interview with the newspaper "Arguments and facts". Press me then was buried, spread the rumors that I stop touring and fired their musicians...". . . Читать полностью -->

The pensioner was seen in binoculars, as Rob Baskov

The pensioner was seen in binoculars, as Rob Baskov The case of the daring robbery Nikolai Baskov took an unexpected turn - on one of versions, it is possible that the popular singer was robbed by its own security. Version is based on the testimony of the witness appeared the incident.He was a pensioner Yurii P., who from the window of his house watched... through binoculars.RobberyImmediately after February 27, near the shop "Crossroads" Slavic Boulevard was robbed by Nikolai Baskov, began to take active steps to finding the perpetrator. However, the investigation was stalled, as no evidence and evidence of robbery was not.- It is always possible to find something, treating the area with a radius of two kilometers around the place of accident, say investigators - and there's no Gallet, no trace of escape, no witnesses during rush hour...However, after some time the result was released on the pensioner who testified opposite the existing indications protection Baskov."I invited the son, - has told "Your DAY" Yuri, " and, waiting for him, went to the window to see where he can Park. It turned out that the place is not.Yuri picked up an old pair of binoculars and noticed a suspicious man in a white sweater, walking out of the store "Crossroads". He was a security guard singer. Читать полностью -->

Paul McCartney gave a concert in Paris

Paul McCartney gave a concert in ParisPaul McCartney gave a concert in Paris Olympia hall 43 years after the first performance of the legendary "fab four" on this site.The most devoted fans of The Beatles, as in 1964, spent the night of Sunday to Monday at the walls Olympia - two thousand tickets went on sale only on the day of the concert.The concert, which lasted nearly two hours, included as many as 13 hits Quartet and only 11 tracks were much longer solo career musician. His performance in Paris McCartney opened Blackbird guitar solo. Was met with a standing ovation to every song, and has already become a classic Hey, Jude - the most successful single - sang along with the idol, ITAR-TASS reported.Since the last joint performances of The Beatles have passed four decades, but Paul McCartney is still the composer of the record in the history of popular music. So, his own version of the ballad about "the sudden yesterday released since 3.5 thousand other artists.During the concert, sir Paul, dressed in a black suit, paid tribute to his collaborator and friend of John Lennon, singing the song, written shortly after his death in 1980. Sounded and compositions from the repertoire of the group Wings, with which McCartney played on "Olympia" in 1972, as well as tunes from his latest album "Memory almost full". Source: Paul McCartney gave a concert in Paris. Читать полностью -->

Pugachev finally breaks away from the stage

Pugachev finally breaks away from the stageSinger Alla Pugacheva once said that in 60 years has left the stage. Perhaps it will be sooner. Recently, the actress talked about the health problems and possible retirement.The singer will appear on the set of TV programs, to participate in group concerts, to start a new project - "Radio Alla", RIA "Novosti"."It's probably the last concert," said one of the musicians Pugacheva. Alla herself says about it. Can't she more to go on tour, tired, and wrong.". . Читать полностью -->

Family Polishchuk fell out over the inheritance

Family Polishchuk fell out over the inheritanceAfter the death of the famous actress Lyubov Polishchuk in her family was split. The culprit was left by the artist of the inheritance.If you believe the rumors, three days after the death of Lyubov Grigorievna widower Sergey Tsigal took the keys to the apartment, where she was an actress, her son from her first marriage Alexey Makarov.According to the newspaper "Arguments and facts", the wife of Sergey Tsigal and Lyubov Polishchuk owned an apartment in the city center, land in Crimea, three cars and a mansion in Koktebel. After retiring from the life of the actress by the heirs of the first stage are considered to be the mother of Olga Polishchuk Panteleevna, husband, Sergei Tsigal, son Alexey Makarov and daughter Masha Tsigal.But Olga Panteleeva and Alexey Makarov decided not to sue and not to claim the inheritance, not wanting to contact other relatives."I don't want to raise this issue", - says Alexei. He gave the keys to the apartment without objection and moved into a Studio apartment, once acquired with the help of stellar mom.According to one of the colleagues of the actor, now Makarov is not fundamentally communicates with Tsigal and his daughter, his half sister, although in the past they had good family relationships. Source: Family Polishchuk fell out over the inheritance. . Читать полностью -->

Participants Spice Girls proudly show their body

Participants Spice Girls proudly show their body Before the start of their world tour, the girls from the reunited group Spice Girls starred in a candid photoshoot to prove that, despite the young age, their is still too early to write off, reports the Daily Mail.Dressed only in bra and fancy skirt, 35-year-old Jerry Halliwell proudly showcases her slim figure, as it makes half-naked to the waist, the 32-year-old Melanie brown.Photos are part of the Spice Girls tour and a new album titled Spice Girls: The Greatest Hits.Recently it became known that Victoria Beckham is due to start in December the tour lands on a diet. However, actually, Victoria will have to eat more. 33-year-old singer, who kept in shape thanks to the fish and soybeans, recommended eating more to cope with the heavy physical loads during performances.On planet girl will move to "Boeing 757", which they already nicknamed Spice Force One. The fuselage of the aircraft will be painted in a special way, and inside, among other things, there will be a crГЁche and a dressing room. To travel together with the girls are their families, managers, makeup artists, security guards, and all their outfits. Source: Participant Spice Girls proudly show their body (photo). Читать полностью -->

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