Ksenia Novikova decided to enter into a civil marriage

Ksenia Novikova decided to enter into a civil marriageThe former "brilliant" Kseniya Novikova changed the place of residence. The girl gathered his things and finally moved in with her boyfriend. The singer refuted rumors that after leaving the popular group she fell into a deep depression.Says Ksenia, not flashed in the light of it for one simple reason - Novikov actively arranged for his personal life. All summer lovers did not get out of Europe, traveled the length and breadth of Spain, France and England, where vengeance was checking my feelings. And here after two years of very close contact young people have finally come to the historic decision henceforth to live together.Another historic decision Novikov took in splendid isolation - the singer is not going to ruin my career, and preparing to record a solo album. Says Ksenia, her songs will now become much more serious.MK-Sunday (#45) Source: Kseniya Novikova decided to enter into a civil marriage. Читать полностью -->

The film is about a dying lesbian nominated for `Oscar`

The film is about a dying lesbian nominated for `Oscar`For the Oscar nominated documentary, presenting a chronicle of the last months of life of a terminally ill lesbian, who has long served as a police officer.The film is about her struggle with government bureaucracy for a pension for a life partner.The movie "Freeheld," directed by Cynthia Wade (Cynthia Wade) was one of eight nominees for the award for the best documentary of the year, according UKGayNews. The main heroine of the film - Laurel Hester (Laurel Hester), which is at the terminal stage of cancer and is fighting for her pension was transferred partner Stacy Andre (Stacey Andree).Detective Hester served 25 years in the investigations division in new Jersey, regularly putting their lives at risk. She never expected that the last year of her life she will fight for the rights of his beloved woman.Hester believed that public efforts to combat discrimination in the first place will help other people in a similar situation. Despite rapidly deteriorating health, Laurel was able to lead a social movement that has spread across the country."Before the death of Laurel I promised her that the film will be nominated for an Oscar, so its history is learned as many people as possible, especially important in a presidential election year," said Wade. - "August 15, 2007, when Laurel would have turned 51 years, we have applied for an Academy award".However, Wade emphasizes that "Oscar" is not its purpose. "It's just a tactic to attract the most national attention to the issue of the rights of same-sex couples on the eve of the 2008 elections," she says.Battle Hester with officials ended with the victory of January 25, 2006, when the decision was made to appoint Andre retirement. Читать полностью -->

Goes to rent a musical about a Barber-killers Depp

Goes to rent a musical about a Barber-killers DeppIn a short time in rolling out a musical adaptation of Stephen Sondheim "Sweeney Todd, maniac-hairdresser". The picture was directed by Tim Burton in collaboration with his favorite actor johnny Depp.The film tells the story of unjustly convicted man, who wished to revenge the judge. Assistant Todd Mrs. Lovett was played by a friend of the Director Helena Bonham Carter, reports Reuters.Note, every vocal musical Depp at the insistence Barton had to sing himself. At a press conference on the release of the film, Depp said: "I had never sang, so it was hard for me. Honestly, I didn't know if I can handle it".44-year-old star of "Pirates of the Caribbean" starring in such films Barton, as "Charlie and the Chocolate factory" and "Edward Scissorhands", expressed the hope that he had something to bring to the legendary musical. Читать полностью -->

Navka divorces her husband because Basharova

Navka divorces her husband because BasharovaAfter Ilya Averbukh and Irina Lobacheva decided to divorce and another well-known pair in figure skating. Recently it became known that he had decided to leave Tatiana Navka and Alexander Zhulin.According to relatives to athletes people the reason for their breakup was Roman grooves with the popular actor.Navka and Zhulin met 14 years ago. In 1993 they started a whirlwind romance. Then Alexander was married to a skater Maya Usova. In 2000, Tanya admitted Zhulin was expecting his child. From that day they decided not to leave. Читать полностью -->

Madonna bought a personal fitness center

Madonna bought a personal fitness centerSinger Madonna is known for its grueling physical exertion, which she exposes herself to stay in shape, bought for $ 12 million home in the neighborhood with her and set up the gym.Madonna, the condition of which exceeds 500 million dollars, bought a mansion with 10 bedrooms in the Gregorian style, reports the Daily Mail.Now she is only 20 meters to get to your personal fitness center. They say she even wanted to join the two houses together, so as not to appear on the street in sportswear, however, she failed to obtain a permit, so while Madonna walks down the street.Maybe Madonna will now be able to save a little on Parking tickets. Before the driver always waited for her at the Studio in London's St John's wood until it twice a week doing yoga with her personal trainer. Parking in the wrong place, therefore, for the six months fines already passed over $ 5,000.Madonna and her husband guy Ritchie already own five other houses in Central London and houses in Wiltshire, new York and Los Angeles. Source: Madonna bought a personal fitness center. . Читать полностью -->

Uma Thurman doesn't hide third pregnancy

Uma Thurman doesn't hide third pregnancy Recently divorced hottie of the Mind appeared at the ceremony in a dress that accentuates her somewhat rounded tummy, and everyone immediately started talking about a new pregnancy of the mother of two children from a previous marriage with actor Ethan hawke.It is very difficult to be a full mother and actress at the same time, " complained the Mind journalists. - Because now I do not even look in the scripts, which must be removed not in new York, I can't carry children.The father of the third child of the millionaire Minds is the Arch Busson, a secret engagement which took place near Thurman in the month of October. Busson is also the father of two toddlers from the model of El McPherson - now protects his pregnant girlfriend. Source: uma Thurman doesn't hide third pregnancy (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

Pregnant sister Britney Spears has dumped boyfriend

Pregnant sister Britney Spears has dumped boyfriendCasey Aldridge, the boyfriend of 16-year-old sister of Britney Spears Jamie Lynn, threw his girlfriend. Such a step, the young man explained that he does not believe his paternity. In addition, he demanded a DNA test which will prove the words of Jamie Lynn.It is worth noting that Jamie Lynn, having recently announced her pregnancy, official statements did not.Sister Britney Spears talked about her pregnancy in an exclusive interview to OK! however, she was not informed who is the father of her unborn child. "Casey is pushing for a DNA test. Until then, until proven paternity, he is not going to continue my relationship with Jamie Lynn," - said a friend of Britney Spears, reports Digital Spy.As previously reported by the Telegraph, according to some family Spears paid student Casey Aldridge for the fact that he has acknowledged his paternity. The real father of the unborn child 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears is allegedly another man who is much older than her. Читать полностью -->

Vladimir Tishko and Emilia Vishnevskaya shared 59 years

Vladimir Tishko and Emilia Vishnevskaya shared 59 yearsTV presenter Vladimir Tishko and his bride model Emiliya Vishnevskaya noted 59 for two years and a large part of Vladimir. As it became clear that the days of the birth of Miles and Volodya in one day.Celebrated the feast of the birthday of the house in a close circle of close friends, not advertising it.Among the friends were Timur Rodrigez with a charming girl, Anna, actress Anastasia Tsvetaeva with his companion famous photographer Vladimir Shirokov and a few close friends.Despite the small size of the company the holiday was fun and noisy.By the end of the holiday everything was in chocolate, including the face.As admitted the heroes of the day Vladimir and Emilia:"We didn't want to make his birthday showy, ceremonial event.So we celebrated a birthday and called only those who really wanted to see." Source: Vladimir Tishko and Emilia Vishnevskaya shared 59 years. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Died Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa

Died Japanese architect Kisho KurokawaRenowned Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa (Kisho Kurokawa) died in Tokyo of a heart attack on 74-m to year of life, informs Agency Associated Press.Among the most famous of his works - the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the international airport in Kuala Lumpur and the national ethnological Museum in Osaka.In Russia Kisho Kurokawa, known for its projects of the stadium "Zenith" in St.-Petersburg under the name "spaceship" and shopping centre in Ekaterinburg. In Kazakhstan, the architect worked on the master plan of Astana.Kurokawa was born in 1934 in Nagoya, graduated from the architectural faculty of the prestigious Kyoto University and received his doctorate from the University of Tokyo. In 1986 he was awarded the gold medal of the French Academy of Architecture, and in 2006 he received the international award in architecture from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum. Source: Died Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. . . Читать полностью -->

Tarzan got a tame wolf

Tarzan got a tame wolfFamous showman Sergey Glushko (Tarzan and husband of singer Natasha Koroleva) for the film "Vlastimir" had to learn to ride, to fence, to play in the cold in his shirt and to communicate with wolves.And with one of the representatives of this species to the artist even managed to make friends. "Before, I never had so close to see the wolf, hear him howl! It's not the dog, it's a real wolf! We have all the crew from him was in ecstasy! enthuses Sergey.To the question, how did you manage to establish contact with the wolf, Tarzan replied:"Well I, dumber than others? Everyone who worked at the site, along with him. Though he is a manual (it was a trainer), but the gut-wolf. If you're holding a piece of meat - to be with you anymore".In the new Russian fantasy "Vlastimir" Tarzan got the role of a hero, the gallant old Russian Prince Izyaslav, who defended their land from bloodthirsty conquerors. For such a complex and serious roles Glushko did not spare himself: all the tricks were performing himself. He was drowning in a viscous swamp Vyborg forests in sub-zero temperatures, fought the enemy hand to hand and with swords, and stop a galloping horse. Читать полностью -->

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