The stars of bollywood prohibit Smoking

The stars of bollywood prohibit SmokingThe health Minister of India, Anbumani Ramadoss called two well-known bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh bachan to quit Smoking, so as not to set a bad example to the younger generation, writes The Times.Ramadoss actively lobbiruemy ban Smoking on screen, said that concerned about the number of young people in India suffering from nicotine addiction. "I want to speak to Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Baccano and other famous people that influence children. In the movies there should be scenes with Smoking characters, because statistics show that 52% of children first take the hands of the cigarette to resemble the movie characters," said he.42-year-old Han, Smoking in public and on screen, has stated that any restriction of the freedom of creativity leads to the appearance of censorship. "As filmmakers we must have freedom of creativity, because everything that happens on screen, it's our imagination. We should not censor," he said.The conflict between the actor and the Minister of health has shown that residents of India, where at least 250 million people smoke or chew tobacco, and 2200 die every year from diseases associated with Smoking are uninterested in discussing this issue.The government of India banned Smoking in public places, and also imposed a ban on tobacco advertising. However, all the efforts of the authorities undermined by scenes in bollywood movies where the main character often smokes surrounded by beautiful women and expensive cars.To Khan and Baccano already made complaints organizations involved in the fight against Smoking. Читать полностью -->

Radimov rolled Bulanova `sexual` scandal

Radimov rolled Bulanova `sexual` scandalVladislav Radimov threw a real scandal, Tatiana Bulanova, knowing that she will star in the erotic scenes.The singer had to try hard to convince her husband to allow her to kiss in the frame with his partner on a new film.Vlad personally supervised the process of filming and warned partner's wife, that he did not afford anything extra and not an abusive one.The filmTatiana plays a major role in the film Vitaliy Aksenov "Love can be".- In the story I meet a promising writer and fall in love with him, " smiles the singer. - Good good love story.Partner artist became brutal actor Oleg Diamonds.- The idea with the shooting Vlad loved it, " says Tatiana. But when he learned that all the sex scenes, it was, to put it mildly, not happy.Vlad rolled his scandal his wife, Tatiana, as a truly wise woman, was able to convince him that passionate kiss with another man in the frame means absolutely nothing.- I love only you, " admitted her husband Tanya during breaks between filming. - These scenes I was very confused. I am very shy.Only after shooting a sex scene is over, Vlad calmed down and left the area. Source: Radimov rolled Bulanova "sexual" scandal. Читать полностью -->

`Miss Russia 2007` became the inhabitant of Tyumen

`Miss Russia 2007` became the inhabitant of Tyumen The contest "Miss Russia-2007" was held on Friday evening Gostiny Dvor in Moscow. The winner of a traditional competition of the most beautiful girls of the country became Ksenia Suhinova from Tyumen.First Vice-miss became Simonna of Levenok from Krasnodar. Second Vice-miss was named Vera Krasova from Moscow.The ceremony was led by the singer Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya) and TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev.After the traditional presentation of 51 contestants appeared on the stage of Sofia Rotaru. Your songs this evening also pleased with the group's "Tea for two", "VIA Gra", the singer Dmitry Koldun, Angelica Varum, Christina Orbakaite. Among the honored guests of the ceremony were Miss universe-2006", the representative of Japan Rio Moria and Miss World 2006" from China Zilya Zang, reports RIA "Novosti" .After the traditional output in swimsuits were chosen ten of the best girls that took part in the intellectual competition - each participant was asked a question, and the jury assessed a sense of humor and charm finalists.Thunderous applause were met with replies girls room 27, which, according to Dmitry Nagiyev, distinguished", I was able to call my number and participant number 46, which, responding to a question about what she would do, as President, replied: "I would have raised pensions to retirees. Not for 200 rubles, and at least a thousand.". Читать полностью -->

Renata Litvinova was in a car accident

Renata Litvinova was in a car accidentMachine famous actress Renata Litvinova was in a car accident in Central Moscow. Expensive car movie stars have suffered from overwhelming the capital of snowfall.At the time of the accident in the cabin doroguschy "Jaguar" the dress was not. It was driven by her personal driver. The collision occurred in the evening in poor visibility conditions. Car went a dense flow so tightly, it was snowing. Driver Litvinova braked to avoid crashing into going ahead of the car. Читать полностью -->

Son Polishchuk fulfilled mother's promise

Son Polishchuk fulfilled mother's promiseActor Alexey Makarov finally fulfilled the promise he gave after the death of his mother Lyubov Polishchuk. The other day he admitted that now he changed his name.It happened during the tour the participants in the "Ice age". In Kiev Alexey Makarov admitted publicly: his name now sounds different."I want everyone to know! My name now is not Makarov, and Polishchuk!" "said the artist.Alex has repeatedly said in interviews that the father he never knew. He was raised by his mother, who by reason of employment was forced to give her son in the care of teachers of boarding school.The actor has long seemed strange that he bears the name of a person who was not involved in his upbringing. When Lyubov Grigorievna Polishchuk did not, Alex decided to correct this injustice.However, viewers have grown accustomed to it as a Makarov, the more the press there was much discussion of his alleged affair with co-star of the show "Ice age" Anna Semenovich.By the way, Alexey was surprised when he was invited to ride, but agreed immediately, writes "KP-Ukraine". From all the relatives, the actor left with only his grandmother Olga Panteleevna is a big fan of figure skating. Читать полностью -->

`Acting` the roots of Angelina Jolie

`Acting` the roots of Angelina Jolie But do not forget that Angelina (or Angie) - not just "the girl from the street, and the daughter of a popular actor Jon Voight, the famous "midnight cowboy", one of the biggest stars of the 70-ies.And although now Voight removed not too often, his name in Hollywood doing something right.Of course, as befits a self-respecting young star, Angie took his middle name as an alias - but more of a formality. And in Hollywood, and it is known to all her "acting" the roots - the more that Jolie is very proud of his father. Source: "Actor" roots of Angelina Jolie (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

Criminals set fire to her in her own home

Criminals set fire to her in her own homeThe day before yesterday night, when the fire started, the singer remembers it as a nightmare.She was excited not so much for himself, but for the residents of your home who could have been killed. When she learned that it was arson, her indignation knew no bounds.Returning home late one night after a concert, Lola nose to nose collided with a fire truck. A few minutes before her arrival, the fire in the house barely managed to put out. Neighbors explained to the excited actress that was burning at the cafe on the ground floor of her house (under the apartment of the singer) and owned by the former wife of a famous TV host Andrei Karaulov. The longer the singer communicated with residents, the more shocking details of her opened. It turns out that the fire resulted from arson and, if not for the quick response of neighbors, people could suffocate.ScandalThat cafe in her home was opened four years ago, then the wife of a prominent journalist Ksenia, IBA, of course, knew. Читать полностью -->

Tom cruise cheating on his wife with another actress

Tom cruise cheating on his wife with another actressAspiring Hollywood actress Tiffany DuPont made a shocking statement: the girl confessed that she slept with Tom cruise in the hope that it will propel her to the movies, but Cruz did not keep promises.Tiffany DuPont told the most famous Hollywood blogger Cuban Mario Lavandeira known secular chronograph, Perusia under the pseudonym Perez Hilton that last year she had sex with Tom cruise and George Clooney.26-year-old serial actress admits that entered into relationships with two of Hollywood "oskaronostsakh" the girl hoped through the bed to reach the stars and to obtain lucrative contracts. Not getting the desired, Tiffany decided to pursue the glory of scandalous revelations."I want to share with you my little secret: I slept with Tom cruise and George Clooney. I had sex with them. I myself was offered to them when they had a chance to meet them, and they refused. I was hoping to get a good role, but it didn't happen, I don't see any reason to keep my little secret", has published the actress Perez Hilton.Very meticulous journalists Tiffany offered for a separate charge evidence or conduct an independent investigation. Needless to say that sensational statement unknown actress was like a bombshell. Читать полностью -->

Gazmanov will fly to marry the Maldives

Gazmanov will fly to marry the MaldivesRumor has it that the famous singer decided to throw a wedding in the Maldives.Well the wedding in the Maldives - it's great! And all sincerely happy for Oleg Gazmanov. Just who is the new chosen one artist?He has a long and happily married to Marina Mavrodi and raising her two children: Philip and five-year three-year Marianne. Do me a new passion and he decided to leave the family? This "P-I" decided to find out from the Marina.- Indeed, Oleg preparing for the wedding in the Maldives, " said the wife of the singer. - And his fiancee again... me. We got married five years ago in Butyrskaya registry office of Moscow. Читать полностью -->

In Moscow will be awarded the national film award `Golden eagle`

In Moscow will be awarded the national film award `Golden eagle`The solemn ceremony of awarding the national film award "Golden eagle" for the sixth time will be held in Moscow.The venue, according to tradition, will be the first, the largest pavilion of film concern "Mosfilm", where he starred many Russian films, including the current contenders for the awards, ITAR-TASS reported.The award "Golden eagle" is given "for outstanding achievement in the field of cinema and a significant professional contribution to the development of domestic and world cinema". "Among the nominees - as the ribbon, which was a huge audience success and work, brought together a large audience, but received the international award", - said the President of the National Academy of cinema arts and Sciences of Russia, film Director Vladimir Naumov, established the prize.Favorites of the ceremony, apparently, will be nominated for "Oscar" a film "12" by Nikita Mikhalkov, and the winner of numerous Russian and international festivals, painting "Travelling with Pets" Faith watch. The work received six nominations.In addition to "12" and "Travel" for the title of "best film" pretend "Artist" by Stanislav Govorukhin, "Mongol" by Sergei Bodrov and "Simple things" by Alexei Popogrebsky. Three of the creators of these paintings - Mikhalkov, Bodrov and Popogrebsky - will compete for the title of "Best Director of the year".For the right to receive the title of laureate of the prize "Golden eagle" will fight such popular actors as Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya ("Artist"), Nikita Mikhalkov, Sergey Makovetskiy, Sergey Garmash, Valentin Gaft ("12"). The award will also receive representatives of other cinematic professions: writers and operators, artists and composers, and the performers of the roles of the second plan.Just for the ceremony made 38 eagles. This graceful statue made of gold and silver, representing a soaring eagle, the feathers of which are covered with enamel colors of the Russian tricolor. Читать полностью -->

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