Keira Knightley engaged in glamorous diving

Keira Knightley engaged in glamorous divingBritish movie star took part in an underwater photo shoot. Keira Knightley diving in a dress and jewelry and pozirovala under water advertising campaign for Fresh 2O Campaign, which launched the charity Water Aid.Its purpose is to assist people facing a shortage of drinking water and prevention of diseases caused by poor sanitation. Source: keira Knightley engaged in glamorous diving. . . . Читать полностью -->

Alla Pugacheva lost my voice

Alla Pugacheva lost my voiceThe prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva in a recent interview with Nikolai Baskov said, she has a very long voice problems. That's why she refused to sing even at the request of such stars as Montserrat Caballe."She talked all the time: why Allah did not want to sing? My, I asked for me," said Pugacheva Nikolay Baskov."My voice have not very well," replied the diva - I keep trying to be treated. Three times loosing his voice. First time - on "Tambourine shaman," when he took the highest note. I don't really care, because I like the singer never called singer. I originally had thought out his position - the woman who sings".Admitted Alla Borisovna and that after undergoing surgery she again started having problems with voice."I have after the operation happened, I hooked the voice," shared Joe. Читать полностью -->

Pregnant Christina Aguilera forgot to wear underwear

Pregnant Christina Aguilera forgot to wear underwearPopular singer Christina Aguilera, apparently, decided to follow the Hollywood tradition, rooted Britney Spears, and appeared in public without panties.The pregnant star and her husband, music producer Jordan Bratman, celebrated their second wedding anniversary, according to the Gossip Girls.The couple got dressed up for dinner in a chic restaurant Amalfi. However, when increased in size Christina stepped out of the car, the paparazzi photographed the complete absence under her mini-dress underpants.Christina and Jordan are expecting their first child which should be born early next year. Preparations for this event are in full swing. R&B singer and close friend of Aguilera Christina Millian, having been the home of the expectant mother, said: "Her son will be very happy child, because his mother was a special woman. She'll make a wonderful mother.". . Читать полностью -->

Based on the life of Lolita staged performance

Based on the life of Lolita staged performancePopular singer and TV presenter Lolita was surprised to learn that in her life put on a performance. Lolita knew nothing about the theatrical production, the main character that she is.In a provincial theatre staged the play "Man is an animal that cannot keep in the house" based on the life of Lolita the Site."Oh, are you kidding? "asked Lolita, when she was called by a correspondent of the newspaper "Arguments and facts". - Don't tell me and even the Prime Minister was not invited. Generally, it is an honor for me, what about me put the whole show. But in life, put, here's what confuses. The final specific no."You the story I will tell. Читать полностью -->

`Tattoo` Yulia Volkova became a mother for the second time

`Tattoo` Yulia Volkova became a mother for the second time"Tattoo" Yulya Volkova became a mother. Today about half past four in the morning her husband Parviz he brought the favorite in the clinic. And in 6.35 a healthy baby boy weighing 3 kg 400 g and was 52 cm tall was born.Yulia gave birth without surgical intervention. According to doctors everything went smoothly and surprisingly quickly, because this is the second birth is "tattoos". Now the condition of mother and child are satisfactory. While Julia wakes up in the postpartum unit, and then transferred to the room "Suite". Читать полностью -->

`Old` Buzova all tired

`Old` Buzova all tiredOlga Buzova arranged in the "House-2" scandal, immediately after returning from St. Petersburg, where he was studying. Her boyfriend Roma Tretyakov, who left the show for family reasons, too, is about to return to the "House-2".In urban apartments "House-2" on TNT looked Olga Buzova, which Metropolitan living space is not inherited, although it participates in the reality show for more than three years, according to the press service of the TV channel TNT.At the last moment the apartment of Olga Buzova intercepted tori and Russel. They were able to convince everyone - presenters, and participants that Olga to give apartment for no reason - still a long time she went to St. Petersburg, and besides, her boyfriend Roman Tretyakov left the TV show, and one of Olga's apartment 70 square meters is too much.The other day Buzova, back from Peter, as the guest visited that apartment, where he planned to live with their boyfriend, and are unable to leave this situation without scandal. Olga warned tori and Russell that they are not used to this housing. Читать полностью -->

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