Sikharulidze decided to get married, tired of the jealousy

Sikharulidze decided to get married, tired of the jealousyLovely curse - is upset. This confirmed the wisdom skater and member of the "Ice age" Anton Sikharulidze. After a quarrel with his girlfriend - a graduate of the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University 22 years of Hope - he made her an offer of marriage.Belle was not going to be angry with a loved one and said Yes.Let us recall that about a year has close relationship. During this time, Nadia accustomed to the temperament of her lover. But Anton's participation in the project of the First channel "Ice age" became a serious test. Because such a number of interesting and famous ladies Sikharulidze had never been surrounded by. Читать полностью -->

Baskov is looking for a new wife

Baskov is looking for a new wifeSoon Sofia Mikhailovna and Nikolay Baskov can be not only a creative Duo.At the last concert of the singer in the Kremlin singer, who is divorcing his wife Svetlana, flirted with the singer hinted at a more intimate relationship.Sofia Mikhailovna, worse than we Pugacheva and Galkina? smiling, he turned to Baskov Rotaru. - I'm 30, you in the juice... well, we'd better decide.60-year-old singer, listening to the proposal favorite singer, only flirtatious smile, the newspaper "Your day".Shortly before the concert, when the artists have recorded a song together in the Studio, Kiev, Rotaru singer herself flirted with Baskov. From the environment of Sofia Mikhailovna, we've got a sensational video about their close relationship. Rotaru always with great sympathy to Baskov. And now that he's five minutes to a single man, her attitude became even warmer. Читать полностью -->

Anna Semenovich has turned into a ugly mother

Anna Semenovich has turned into a ugly motherThe former lead singer of "Brilliant" Anna Semenovich used to the fact that the mere mention of her name evokes awe in most men. However, the actress claims that she is quite different.Show your true face Semenovich decided in the film "Irony of fate. The sequel". While viewing the pictures, many probably didn't even know Anna in the way homely single mothers. For the first time the actress appeared on the screen without an ounce of makeup and straight hair, writes magazine "7 days".According to Anna, in real life she is: bright without makeup, no flashy clothes, home and relaxing."The audience is used to, I always colorful, temperamental, and only in this picture I am what I am - a quiet, peaceful, home... several years ago When I, as a skater, trained in America, from nostalgia I was saved only Ryazanov movies, including "the Irony of fate". Читать полностью -->

David Beckham is honoured to be a gay icon

David Beckham is honoured to be a gay iconThe famous British footballer David Beckham made two provocative recognition. He reported that his wife Victoria likes to dress him, and he is proud to be an icon for sexual minorities, says The Daily Mail.32-year-old former England captain said: "of Course, at the moment, how I look, basically defines Victoria"."I think most couples will agree that a person has to listen and trust the opinion of your partner about what he looks like, and take help from him in election style," explained David."In America I wear mostly shorts, t-shirts and flip flops - although Victoria does, I still prepare your clothes in advance. I am a very organized person and go to bed, knowing that I will wear the next morning," said the footballer. "An honor to be a style icon for gays. I like to take care of yourself and look good," he added.David, recently signatories to a lucrative contract with the firm Armani for the participation in promotions of underwear, not always perfectly calibrated style. A lot of talk caused his appearance in saree while walking with Victoria,as well as recognition soloist Spice Girls that her husband likes to wear her underwear.However, in a Radio 2 interview, Beckham said that he was a metrosexual long before in his life, a Victoria. Читать полностью -->

The Valeria car slid off the road

The Valeria car slid off the roadOn a dangerous path connecting the two Ukrainian city of Ternopil and Rivne, the car of the singer at a high speed off the road and landed in a swamp. Valeria and her driver suddenly appeared on the verge of death.The accident happened late at night when tired, the singer was traveling from the city of Rovno, where he had a big gig. Unfortunately, the weather that night was bad: it was raining and the visibility was terrible.When the "Mercedes" of the singer approached the wooded area, the driver had to turn on the fuzzy rains the dirt road. Trying to turn, the driver lost control and jerked the car stuck in sticky mud. Machine, suddenly found themselves in a swamp, slowly beginning to sink in swamp forest. Once confused Valeria realized what was happening, she was horrified: they together with the driver trapped in car stuck in the middle of dense woods, without any connection with the outside world.The trouble was added and the fact that at the Rivne - Ternopil there was no mobile phone, phone Valerie was not working and her husband Joseph Prigozhin, the day before flown away urgently on business in Moscow, the whole night unsuccessfully to get through to the couple, wondering what had happened to her.- I nearly went mad, Jack says "TD" Prigogine. Читать полностью -->

Fan cut my veins because of the coldness Baskov

Fan cut my veins because of the coldness BaskovWhen thirty-year-Dina M. went to a favorite cafe Madrid Kolya Baskov, there were no signs of trouble. Dressed in a modest gray sweater and dark blue skirt, pretty girl with a nervous face made his way through the tables to his idol.Normally, being in Spain, Nicholas lets go of the guard. In Europe, the face of the all-Russian favorite little familiar, so no excesses with enthusiastic crowds and throwing bras in the air at Baskov on the Pyrenees was not. In addition, the view slender girls not to arouse suspicion from security institutions. Metal detector, which after the bombings in Madrid is equipped with almost all cafes and restaurants, the girl was free.Asking in broken English: "Here, Lee is a blond Russian man?" the tourist went to the table Koli. Читать полностью -->

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