The body of Archbishop Christodoulos buried

The body of Archbishop Christodoulos buriedThe body of the Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church Archbishop Christodoulos was yesterday buried at the First cemetery of Athens, reports RIA "Novosti".The Archbishop was buried with the honors of a head of state. After the funeral service at the Cathedral of the Greek capital funeral procession passed through the main streets of the city. Open the coffin with the body of the Archbishop to the Bishop's vestments, with mitre and Bishop's rod was placed on a gun-carriage, which was accompanied by a guard of honor of the Greek military.For several kilometers the cortege was met by tens of thousands of people who came to say goodbye to the Archbishop. It was not only the Athenians, but also people from many other areas of the country who had come to the funeral on buses. "We have to be here. It was our Christodoulos, the man, the likes of which in the future I don't see," said the old woman, who came to the ceremony."He brought young people into the Church, and it is logical that we came here," said 25-year-old man.People threw the coffin of Archbishop rose petals and applauded. Читать полностью -->

Valeria gave my son a laptop

Valeria gave my son a laptopOn the day of his devyatiletiya Valeria made for the birthday event in one of the bowling centers in Moscow and handed him the laptop.Famous mother though against addiction boy to computer games, but in his celebration, she could not fail to please the son of a welcome gift.For their young age Arseniy has already achieved a lot. Boy doing karate, modern dance and plays well on the piano. On his birthday, Senya crown demonstrated his techniques on Joseph Prigogine. However, Valeria with her husband until he decided what to do boy, and give him to choose Hobbies, the newspaper "Your day".It was the first birthday party, to which were invited classmates Canopy. Boys and girls were delighted with the fact that favorite singer spent with them the whole evening. She just hung out with the guys, but also sang karaoke hits 90 H. Читать полностью -->

The film Rambo IV banned in Myanmar

The film Rambo IV banned in MyanmarThe movie "Rambo IV" is banned in Myanmar, as it is a provocation to the political regime of the country, said the main actor and film Director Sylvester Stallone.According to him, the sale of pirated discs with the film, and his car is prohibited in theaters and families of actors from Myanmar who participated in the filming of the movie, arrested.Some locals say that they still buy pirate copies, in spite of the prohibitions. Rambo has become the country's symbol of the struggle with the regime."Living without a goal or die in the name of the goal - it's your choice" - this quote from the movie Myanmar students use in their demonstrations, and we hope that American troops would intervene in the situation in the country, said Stallone, reports the Associated Press."If the members of the junta of Myanmar think my film is a fantasy, I'll be glad to come and go without her bodyguards," said the actor.In the film the characters are searching missionaries abducted by Myanmar soldiers. Soldiers of the country within it behave violently, destroying villages and killing civilians. Source: the Film Rambo IV banned in Myanmar. . . Читать полностью -->

Moby will release an album of dance music

Moby will release an album of dance musicMoby has completed work on a new Studio album, Last Night informed on site Gigwise.The album will be released in spring 2008. The musician himself describes the new material as "more focused on electronic and dance music than the three most recent album. According to the version of Moby, Last Night will include two "is based on the piano rave anthem", a few "atmospheric songs and techno tracks, reminiscent of the sound of collapsing buildings.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Kidman: I was merely an appendage of Tom cruise

Kidman: I was merely an appendage of Tom cruiseHollywood beauty Nicole Kidman told the world that marriage to Tom cruise was deprived of her individuality.- 10 years Tom moved around, the actress - I've been living with worries Tom, we went where we had him, we lived where it was more convenient to him, we talked to him pleasant people.- I have completely evaporated as a person, I was merely an appendage of Tom cruise. But I loved him so much that I didn't care - shared achy Nicole."Tom is a perfectionist, he takes all concluded Kidman. - But now I'm trying by all means to regain their identity, to understand what actually I want. Source: Kidman: I was merely an appendage of Tom cruise. . . Читать полностью -->

The film `I am legend` breaks records rentals

The film `I am legend` breaks records rentalsPicture "I am legend" (I Am Legend) over the weekend gathered 76.5 million dollars, leaving behind previous blockbuster-record holder Lord of the rings 2003, reports Reuters.Studio Time Warner expected that the picture will Smith in the lead role in the debut weekend will gather more than 40 million."I am legend" is a film directed by Francis Lawrence, loosely based on the novel of Recherla Matson, tells the story of a sinister virus that destroyed all the Earth's population. The only survivor was the hero will Smith. Adaptation of the stories about the extinction of all life took first place at the box office in the U.S., according second position was the movie "Elvin and chipmunks", - this picture brought the creators of 45 million dollars. Who shot this picture Studio Twentieth Century Fox predicted twice smaller fees. In third place down the leader of last week "the Golden Compass". This picture with Nicole Kidman in the title role brought the creators only 9 million dollars, which is two-thirds less than a week ago.Reuters notes that in comparison with the similar period of last year, in December of current year of sale of tickets in American cinema risen more than a third - 36 percent. Читать полностью -->

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