Shakira turned down the role because of explicit scenes

Shakira turned down the role because of explicit scenesMost young Actresses does not mind to show on the screen its charms, but the Latin star Shakira is not one of them, according to AHN.30-year-old Colombian singer, known for his outspoken movements of the stomach and the hips on the stage, rejected the offer to star in the film "Love in the time of cholera" based on a novel by her compatriot, the famous writer and Nobel prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The failure was related to the fact that in the picture her you had to undress.However, Shakira has written the soundtrack to the film, in which the main role was invited popular actor Javier Bardem.In one interview, the singer said: "There was nudity, so I said "no ". My parents would not like it.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Maxim Galkin has violated this Pugacheva promise

Maxim Galkin has violated this Pugacheva promiseThe completion of filming the next part of the "Two stars" showman decided to celebrate at the casino.Maxim kept a long time and had no luck, because he made a promise to Alla Pugacheva, it will no longer play. But addiction took its toll. Galkin returned to the casino to the General delight of owners and workers.Now enviable client spends the night playing "one-armed bandit." Source: Maxim Galkin has violated this Pugacheva promise. . . . Читать полностью -->

Future first lady of Russia Medvedev knows from school

Future first lady of Russia Medvedev knows from schoolDespite the relatively young age of the couple Dmitry and Svetlana Medvedev (they both 1965), familiar wife for 35 years. With his future wife Svetlana V. Linnik Medvedev met in the first grade of secondary school in St. Petersburg.She studied in parallel. And they became friends through his first teachers that were friends. The pupils from the two classes often went on walks together, according to KP.Svetlana from military families. Читать полностью -->

Jack Nicholson spawn of the world's children

Jack Nicholson spawn of the world's childrenJack Nicholson said that he may have 9000 children. "I used to live so frivolously," said the actor, who still acknowledged the paternity of only four children from three different women, reports The Sun.However, Nicholson says that with age, he settled down. "Now is not the time to freak out too, but I'm mad as possible", - he said.In an interview with the American magazine Men's Journal Nicholson told that forgets about women in an hour after sex. According to him, there's nothing he can do about it. The way his brain. "In this sense, we men have more in common with dogs than with women. Читать полностью -->

The horror film `Saw IV` in the USA became the leader of hire

The horror film `Saw IV` in the USA became the leader of hireThe horror movie "Saw IV" topped car in the USA and Canada, earning in weekend 32,1 million.The latest series of bloody project with a large margin ahead of the family Comedy with Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche Dan in real life", for the second place finisher.The leader of last week, a horror film about vampires 30 days of night" held the third position, earning in anticipation of Halloween 6.7 million dollars. 3-D version of the famous cartoon Tim Burton's "Nightmare before Christmas" (2000) ranked only tenth place, having collected a total of 3.4 million dollars, reports BBC.The debut performance of the current series of "Saw" practically coincide with the results of the first week of the release of the film "Saw III", which brought its creators 33.6 million dollars in the first weekend. Since the first low-budget picture became a sensation in 2004, the company Lionsgate is releasing a sequel every October.Recall, released on Halloween of 2004, the first series of "Saw" was launched with 18.3 million dollars, bringing the creators of 55.2 million for all the time of hire in the USA. The second film earned for the first weekend of 31.7 million and 87 million at the end of the demonstration in American cinema. "Saw III" brought its creators 80.2 million dollars"I expect to see next year, "Saw V", then "Saw VI" and "Saw-VII", if they will, of course, continue in the same spirit," - said the President of the research firm Media By Numbers Paul Dergarabedian. In the films there is something really awful, but irresistible. Читать полностью -->

Family Britney Spears shocked America

Family Britney Spears shocked AmericaWe have Lindsay Lohan, who even manages to appear in public dressed. Queen of rehabilitation, it seems, now calmed down a bit, but for a long time she was in the spotlight of the media.The most scandalous was probably Paris Hilton, who spent 23 long days in prison for a crime in America hardly anyone remembers.Unfortunately, Anna Nicole Smith will no longer be able to make the odd trick or suddenly to publicly undress. This drama ended when Larry Birkhead recognized as the father of her young daughter. We are all delighted that this story will end with the end of 2007.And in this ranking women who behave in a strange way, one can say yet about Madonna. Adoption/kidnapping/buying her African baby also caused a lot of noise".The end of the year - time to take stock. At this time, in all that concerns foreign stars of show business we are asked to understand our American expert. Читать полностью -->

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