Pregnant sister Britney Spears has dumped boyfriend

Pregnant sister Britney Spears has dumped boyfriendCasey Aldridge, the boyfriend of 16-year-old sister of Britney Spears Jamie Lynn, threw his girlfriend. Such a step, the young man explained that he does not believe his paternity. In addition, he demanded a DNA test which will prove the words of Jamie Lynn.It is worth noting that Jamie Lynn, having recently announced her pregnancy, official statements did not.Sister Britney Spears talked about her pregnancy in an exclusive interview to OK! however, she was not informed who is the father of her unborn child. "Casey is pushing for a DNA test. Until then, until proven paternity, he is not going to continue my relationship with Jamie Lynn," - said a friend of Britney Spears, reports Digital Spy.As previously reported by the Telegraph, according to some family Spears paid student Casey Aldridge for the fact that he has acknowledged his paternity. The real father of the unborn child 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears is allegedly another man who is much older than her. Читать полностью -->

Vladimir Tishko and Emilia Vishnevskaya shared 59 years

Vladimir Tishko and Emilia Vishnevskaya shared 59 yearsTV presenter Vladimir Tishko and his bride model Emiliya Vishnevskaya noted 59 for two years and a large part of Vladimir. As it became clear that the days of the birth of Miles and Volodya in one day.Celebrated the feast of the birthday of the house in a close circle of close friends, not advertising it.Among the friends were Timur Rodrigez with a charming girl, Anna, actress Anastasia Tsvetaeva with his companion famous photographer Vladimir Shirokov and a few close friends.Despite the small size of the company the holiday was fun and noisy.By the end of the holiday everything was in chocolate, including the face.As admitted the heroes of the day Vladimir and Emilia:"We didn't want to make his birthday showy, ceremonial event.So we celebrated a birthday and called only those who really wanted to see." Source: Vladimir Tishko and Emilia Vishnevskaya shared 59 years. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Died Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa

Died Japanese architect Kisho KurokawaRenowned Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa (Kisho Kurokawa) died in Tokyo of a heart attack on 74-m to year of life, informs Agency Associated Press.Among the most famous of his works - the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the international airport in Kuala Lumpur and the national ethnological Museum in Osaka.In Russia Kisho Kurokawa, known for its projects of the stadium "Zenith" in St.-Petersburg under the name "spaceship" and shopping centre in Ekaterinburg. In Kazakhstan, the architect worked on the master plan of Astana.Kurokawa was born in 1934 in Nagoya, graduated from the architectural faculty of the prestigious Kyoto University and received his doctorate from the University of Tokyo. In 1986 he was awarded the gold medal of the French Academy of Architecture, and in 2006 he received the international award in architecture from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum. Source: Died Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. . . Читать полностью -->

Tarzan got a tame wolf

Tarzan got a tame wolfFamous showman Sergey Glushko (Tarzan and husband of singer Natasha Koroleva) for the film "Vlastimir" had to learn to ride, to fence, to play in the cold in his shirt and to communicate with wolves.And with one of the representatives of this species to the artist even managed to make friends. "Before, I never had so close to see the wolf, hear him howl! It's not the dog, it's a real wolf! We have all the crew from him was in ecstasy! enthuses Sergey.To the question, how did you manage to establish contact with the wolf, Tarzan replied:"Well I, dumber than others? Everyone who worked at the site, along with him. Though he is a manual (it was a trainer), but the gut-wolf. If you're holding a piece of meat - to be with you anymore".In the new Russian fantasy "Vlastimir" Tarzan got the role of a hero, the gallant old Russian Prince Izyaslav, who defended their land from bloodthirsty conquerors. For such a complex and serious roles Glushko did not spare himself: all the tricks were performing himself. He was drowning in a viscous swamp Vyborg forests in sub-zero temperatures, fought the enemy hand to hand and with swords, and stop a galloping horse. Читать полностью -->

Released personal letters of lady Di to the lover

Released personal letters of lady Di to the loverIn the course of an ongoing investigation surrounding the death of Princess Diana were publicized personal love letters that she wrote to her lover - Dodi al-Fayed, reports The Sun.In one of them the Princess thanks Dodi for what he brought joy into her life. In a letter dated August 6, 1997, she wrote: "Darling Dodi, only the heavens know how I can thank you. Every minute with you was full of laughter and happiness. As if from my shoulders fell the heavy burden. As always, I thank you for what you brought such joy into the life of this "Chicks".The letters were made public to show how close was their relationship. The above letter was written on the last day of his vacation, which Diana had with Dodi on the yacht, and in less than a month before their death .The second letter was written on 13 August 1997. Читать полностью -->

Garik Sukachev was nearly shot by a drunken fan

Garik Sukachev was nearly shot by a drunken fanGarik Sukachev got into serious trouble at the concert in Chelyabinsk. Drunk employee of the local municipality, having saluted official identity, tried to break onto the stage during the concert of the group "the untouchables" to attempt to ally with a rock star.Between protection and rowdy fight ensued. The troublemaker had to be restrained with tear gas, according to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".The drama continued after the speech of the "Untouchables". Enraged perp got off the bus musicians in his jeep, kicked out the window of the barrel and began hysterically screaming, "Or let Garik's coming with me to drink and eat the goose, or I don't trust myself! - yelled out the window all the same man. - I have a car full of weapons, I still will get you!". . Читать полностью -->

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