Pamela Anderson got married because of the pregnancy

Pamela Anderson got married because of the pregnancyActress and model Pamela Anderson, who recently got married to Rick Salomon, is located on the second month of pregnancy, according to the magazine "In Touch Weekly".Anderson, who has experienced a miscarriage when she was married to Rick Kidd (Kid Rock), wanted to hide the fact that expecting a baby, but her friends claim that a celebrity is pregnant. According to the magazine "In Touch Weekly" that she heard about what awaits the child of the 29th September, the same day she and Salomon were requested to grant permission for marriage, reported Israel news.40-year-old Anderson is excited about what will soon become a mother and happy that I met a decent man with whom she is going to live the rest of your life. Source: Pamela Anderson got married because of the pregnancy. . . . Читать полностью -->

Billionaire George Soros has fallen in love with a young Russian woman

Billionaire George Soros has fallen in love with a young Russian womanFinancier George Soros is known not only clever combinations on the securities markets and the organization of "colored" revolutions, but also the love of the fair sex. Despite its venerable age 77, he prefers young beauties.About it writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Because of this collapsed two years ago it lasted 20 years married 63-year-old Susan Weber.Soros changed his wife for a beauty Queen from Yaroslavl. Anna Malova was Miss Russia in 1998. On the green-eyed blonde, was engaged in ballet, rhythmic gymnastics and shaping, drew attention. She moved to new York. There she met with Soros. Читать полностью -->

Alex showed his true face

Alex showed his true face Singer Alex showed what she is really in her new video for the song "Lookin". As we reported, the graduate of "factory of stars" and former girlfriend Timati Alex began to sing in the style of R'n'b. And this style involves the luxury show.To make the clip luster, luxury, were leased expensive cars - Mazerati, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini."I'm happy - finally happened that day, when I shoot a video for the song "Lookin". I have amazing feeling - just some unconscious happiness, nothing else! I am so simply and easily - from myself did not expect. I very much hope that the audience will like it because I try very hard. This song deserve a good clip," commented Alex.In the clip there will be scenes in the underground Parking lot, at the disco. Читать полностью -->

The Bachinsky predicting death in a car crash

The Bachinsky predicting death in a car crashMore than two years ago on radio "Maximum" Bachynsky asked - why did not he gets his car? He responded saying, foretold death in a car accident, and therefore not at risk. Gennady really refused to drive it.But after a short time turned up a lucrative contract with the automotive sponsor who provided and Bachinsky, and Stillavin on car use. And then Gennady couldn't resist... Maybe he was hoping to outwit fate is foretold a death in his car, not to the sponsor. So Bachinsky sat down on the brand new yellow "Golf".For all his cheerful disposition, radio host differed accuracy on the road. And even said that praying in traffic to calm: because of the delays he experienced the awful feeling of discomfort, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda.There is also a version that the Gene was lost due to the fact that prior to that spent all night on .Ru. Читать полностью -->

Angelina Jolie scared sister of brad pitt

Angelina Jolie scared sister of brad pitt"Tomb raider" sent for the holidays as a gift to my sister's kids pitt Julia bloody shooting game is for computer - Ghost Squad. Julia will send a cruel game to the generous donator back with a note: "In our house, no violence!". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Sad thoughts Pink

Sad thoughts PinkOctober 31, the paparazzi caught up with the singer outside a Los Angeles markets.Pink (Pink) as to all who have to go through the divorce process need of relaxation and distraction from the sad thoughts in the company of friends. So the singer in Halloween made his noisy house party.Recall that the New York Daily News wrote that the singer intends to leave her husband, Carey HART (Carey Hart). Sources told the publication that the main reason for the gap is the desire Pink to have a baby, and her husband in this play. Source: Sad thoughts Pink. . . Читать полностью -->

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