Alsu filled neighbors in a round sum

Alsu filled neighbors in a round sumPenthouse singer Alsou and her husband Yan Abramov became the hero of the scandal and possible litigation. A few days ago in the apartment, presented to show the div's parents burst one of the pipes.Water rushed downstairs and filled the room from the neighbors. Fortunately, alarm, warning about the problems, worked fast, and the water was hastily terminated. However, the number of spilled liquid was enough to make the neighbors millionaires submitted an application to the court. Flooded residents appreciated the damaged property at 22 000 dollars!!! That's as many, according to the victims, they cost once the tile and a special kind of plaster made of natural material.Now versed in the incident the insurance company. At the time of the accident the owners of the penthouse was not. Читать полностью -->

The doctors have forbidden Nicole Kidman sunbathing

The doctors have forbidden Nicole Kidman sunbathingRedhead actress Nicole Kidman has admitted that never tans due to the fact that once the doctors discovered she had a cancerous tumor in his leg and after a successful surgery told her as little as possible to soak up the sun.Parents Kidman are directly related to medicine and life taught her daughter that the sun is the fastest way to spoil the skin. So Nicole is sunscreen with a high protection factor and never tans on the beaches. "Stay away from the sun. It is the biggest enemy of youthful skin," advises actress all lovers of sunbathing. Source: the Doctors have forbidden Nicole Kidman sunbathing. . Читать полностью -->

Adopted daughter Jolie is the result of rape

Adopted daughter Jolie is the result of rapeEthiopian girl adopted by Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, was conceived as a result of rape.Mentale Crushes, the biological mother of two-year-old Male, told me that one evening in 2004 after a busy day at the construction site in the southern city of Awasa she returned home and was attacked.When the woman walked in the darkness, approached the rapist. "He pulled out a knife and had his hand over my mouth so I couldn't scream. Then he raped me and disappeared," with tears in his eyes told Mentale Reuters.24-year-old woman decided to keep it to tell, fearing the censure of the people. As her belly grew, Mentobe could no longer hide the pregnancy and trust the mother."It wasn't like I was afraid. My mother understood and comforted me. She convinced me not in a hurry to do anything that could endanger my life," said Mentale.Mentale gave birth at home and called the girl Jamrah, which means "good news" in Amharic. Читать полностью -->

Sergey Zverev could not hide the erection

Sergey Zverev could not hide the erectionFor sexual attractiveness of domestic stars seeded the diamond decoration and mobiles.In this case, leading Tina KANDELAKI and Timur Kashtan the BATRUTDINOV so unequivocally joked that some participants were excited not childish.In the club, where the ceremony took place, granted, perhaps, the most prominent figures in show business. Glitch-Oza Natasha Ionova for six months after birth resulted in shape, but the figure of the singer is still far from ideal. That's why the title of the "sexiest" she had never been, had to give statuettes other athletes, Tatiana Navka and Alexander Zhulin.Shantel was delighted, but could not Pornichet:- What luck! The sexiest man weighs less than the sexiest woman of our show-business! - compared resident "Comedy Club" their power with a sparkling bare tummy Vera Brezhneva.Vladimir Vdovichenkov there is some very serious reason not to be on the distribution of elephants. So the gift was not lost on the stage instead of him rose Albina dzhanabaeva from "VIA gra" and accepted the gift from the hands of the radio host Alla Pavlova Dovlatova. Star party immediately revived: is the tried and Albina associate romantic feelings?- No, we Volodka just friends, do not think anything bad. I will pass on the award presented to him tomorrow morning - disappointed prying singer.The group "VIA Gra" came to the ceremony in a truncated part. Читать полностью -->

Kovalchuk eventually ruin the `Shiny`

Kovalchuk eventually ruin the `Shiny`It seems that in this case the women's team is very bad. As it became known from reliable sources, the group leaves the most experienced of the remaining soloists - Julia Kovalchuk.Following the example of the ex-participants of Zhanna Friske and Anna Semenovich she parted with "Shiny" after a successful participation in a television show.Recall that Julia was the winner of the project of the channel "Russia" "Dancing on ice. Velvet season". Insightful Kovalchuk decided that now is the time to start a solo career, and announced to the producers about their care.- Yes, I really will quit - admitted "Z" "brilliant". Right now I am finalizing the last concerts, and after the New year I won't be in the group.As found "Z", enterprising producers have already found a place on Yulia's new soloist. But will they be attractive to a girl in the group, this is a great question. Читать полностью -->

Kuzmin decided to leave the wife at home

Kuzmin decided to leave the wife at homeSinger and musician Vladimir Kuzmin usually at all events appears with a young wife Katya. The girl often accompanies the singer during the tour. But now Vladimir seems to prefer to travel without his wife.So, for a concert in Tula singer arrived very late, and without Katie. According to rumors, she is very capricious, jealous and because of this are often satisfied with the scene, do not hesitate to outsiders, writes "KP-Tula". However, Vladimir himself called another reason for the lack of the couple at the concert."I want a wife stay young and beautiful for as long as possible," said the musician. So she is now at home resting. Читать полностью -->

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