The car that killed lady Di, will sell for $2 million

The car that killed lady Di, will sell for $2 millionVery often it happens that even the most tragic events someone earns well, and the crunch of the coveted pieces of paper when it drowns out the call of conscience.As, if not unconscionable, the Frenchman Jean-franГ§ois Myus to auction what many recalls that terrible day, when a car crash killed everyone's favorite British Princess Diana?Sell for 1 million pounds ($2 million), Jean-franГ§ois Myus going mangled Mercedes in which 31 August 1997 in Paris crashed lady Di with her boyfriend Dodi al-Fayed. To do this the Myus intends in the event of a successful outcome of the trial, which he started to the British police returned him to legally owns the car.48-year-old Myus is the owner of Etoile limousine", which provided that fateful day al Fayed car rental. In the past eight years Mercedes was in France, where the French police conducted the examination in the investigation of the death of the Princess of Wales.To date, the machine is at the disposal of the British police, which by the 14th December to prepare a report on the results of the investigation. So far, it is established that in the car during the accident was not deliberately arranged or random problems, according to RBC Business Style.According to Myus, he is the legal owner of the famous car (or rather what's left of it), which, he estimates that today, costs about $ 2 million. "This is an exceptional wreckage... They belong to us. Читать полностью -->

Slutskaya refused breastfeeding because of the show

Slutskaya refused breastfeeding because of the showBefore returning to show the skater pledged that the project will take no more than three hours and only once a week. At first all was well.In its first day after birth, the skater even went home to feed my two-week old son Artem.But soon professional activity took its toll. So, on the show all the stars of world figure skating on red square Slutskaya not only took a few hours to a concert, but was delayed and still later... to skate.Shooting the "Ice age" also took a lot of time. As a result, the child has not seen his mother for six or more hours a day. So little Artem had to feed artificial mixture.NervesBut this fact does not please the young mother. Читать полностью -->

Prince Charles is fond of erotic cooking

Prince Charles is fond of erotic cookingPrince Charles is not alien erotic cooking. According to the tabloid The Sun, beloved Camilla periodically personally (although, naturally, the couple is a chef) said his Highness something unambiguous. For example, phallic roll.There is even a recipe and anyone can use it.200 g pork neck, the same beef sirloin, two or three onions, a small carrot, a few inflorescences of cauliflower and a garlic clove twice mince. Add in the beef to taste finely chopped parsley, salt and pepper.To form a phallus with two eggs (according to the tabloid, after stuffing marivana just enough to receive a convincing manhood). Bake for 20 minutes in the preheated oven at 200-220 degrees.Yellow paper (#40) Source: Prince Charles is fond of erotic cooking. . Читать полностью -->

`Fabrikantok` stripped for a men's magazine

`Fabrikantok` stripped for a men's magazine Before you go home, the beautiful half of "factory of stars - 7" took part in an erotic photo shoot for men's magazine MAXIM.Long to persuade on this adventure the girls had. They were promised that all their intimate places will be thoroughly covered. It was more difficult with colorful exotic beauty by Cornelia Mango. But the girl was convinced that "the wizard" "Photoshop" will transform it so that the mother would not know.- I would like that men looked at me from the other side - confessed "Z" Cornelia. - I am able not only to jump on the stage, but also can be sexy and attractive!DakotaDuring the filming of suddenly having problems with naughty girl Dakota. When the girl took off his use outfit, everyone saw that she had a perfect figure and, it turns out that the third breast size. Читать полностью -->

Jodie foster officially outed herself as a lesbian

Jodie foster officially outed herself as a lesbianActress jodie foster has finally decided to publicly appear together with his life partner, producer Sidney Bernard, with whom she has a relationship for the past 14 years.Thus, Jody almost officially confirmed all the rumors, speculation and secret information about their sexual orientation - all that she suppressed or denied before.Receiving the award "Women in show business," Jody from the stage, thanked "my beautiful Cindy, which took me all the sorrows and joys". At these words Sydney was moved to tears.The pair met in 1993 on the set of the movie "Sommersby" and together with children Jody, 9-year-old Charles and 6-year-old whale. Foster has never revealed the secret name of the biological father of my boys.Recently Jody and Sidney often could be seen together. Journal of gay Out even put Jody on the cover this year with the question: "Why the stars won't admit to?". Critics suggested that Jody is afraid to reveal their sexual orientation because it could adversely affect her career, and was reminded of a comedian and a leading Ellen DeGeneres, whose series was covered immediately after Ellen admitted in connection with actress Anne Haich.However, Ellen is now one of the most popular and successful TV presenters. Apparently, this loyalty of the society and encouraged Jody to stop running. Читать полностью -->

Verka Serduchka can paralyze at any time

Verka Serduchka can paralyze at any timeUkrainian artist Andriy Danylko, known by his stage name Verka Serduchka, urgently hospitalized in one of private medical centers of Kiev. State of the artist is so serious that the doctors say even that he could face stiff.Relatives called an ambulance after Andrew lost consciousness from severe back pain. Verka Serduchka was taken to the prestigious Kiev clinic "Medic". Writhing in terrible back pain, Danilko, leaning on the shoulder of his Director, rose to the emergency room.After the injection of strong pain singer on a gurney drove to the survey. Doctors put Danilko the diagnosis of entrapment of the spinal nerve and autonomic dysfunction.As the doctor says singer Sofia Ustyantseva, in sickness guilty Danilko. "Andrei Mikhailovich does not want to respect your body," she said. Читать полностью -->

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