`The Golden compass` is a leader in the North American box office

`The Golden compass` is a leader in the North American box office"The Golden compass", 180-million family film in fantasy style with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, was unable to force the American public EN masse to go to the cinema.Despite the fact that the film took at the end of the week in first place in the North American box office, earning 26,1 million, this figure was much lower than the original forecasts.New Line Cinema had hoped that a new picture will earn 30-40 million for the first three days of hire. Experts note that the weak start "Compass" is associated with unfavorable market situation. The top 12 films earned a weekend only 73 million, which is 12% below last year's figures, reports Reuters.Note, "the Golden compass" - this is not the first recent big-budget film that failed at the box office. The 150-million film adaptation of the epic poem "Beowulf", which has taken in the past week, as the 5th place with 4.4 million dollars in box office receipts, earned four weeks of hire slightly more than half of its budget of 76 million dollars. Paramount Pictures is hoping that the final fees will reach $ 100 million.Meanwhile, the hit of Walt Disney "Enchanted" continues to show very good results. After spending two weeks a leader in the rental, he now ranks second with 10.7 million dollars. Читать полностью -->

`Nude` path to glory Natalia Vodianova

`Nude` path to glory Natalia Vodianova One of the most famous models in the world, the wife of an English Lord, Natalia Vodianova was born in February 1982 in Nizhny Novgorod.At age 16 she was noticed by the local scout model Agency. Common in the West, the legend says that at the time Natasha was selling vegetables on the streets. The girl went to Moscow to the casting of the French Agency Viva, and from there straight to Paris. Thus began her path to stardom.She now lives in new York with her husband, British Lord Justin and two sons. Source: "Naked" path to glory Natalia Vodianova (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Eddie Murphy left his wife 2 weeks after the wedding

Eddie Murphy left his wife 2 weeks after the weddingMore recently, we reported about a happy event in the life of a comedian Murphy - in the New year he married his sweetheart Tracy Edmonds. However, their marriage did not last two weeks.As reported by PEOPLE magazine, the wedding took place on the 1st of January on the island of Bora Bora in Polynesia, but the marriage was recognized as official, the couple had to secure the bonds under the laws of the States. Now Murphy and Edmonds stated that they did not intend to do that and remain just friends."After long talks and discussions on the topic of marriage, we came to the conclusion that to fasten the knot, we will not," said Eddie Murphy. Similar opinion is shared by the now "ex-wife" actor's 40-year-old producer Tracey Edmonds, reports the Telegraph. "Symbolic wedding we showed each other how strong our love is on the spiritual level, and how we respect each other. We decided to be friends," added the actor.According to the PEOPLE with reference to the environment of the couple, the problems they had during the honeymoon. Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton has introduced her boyfriend to her parents

Paris Hilton has introduced her boyfriend to her parents Recently Paris Hilton presented her current lover Alex Vaggo parents. Apparently, the relationship young people have serious, because not all of their Boyfriends Paris leads to family celebrations.Paris along with Alex arrived at the Madeo restaurant in Los Angeles, where parents miss Hilton Rick and Kathy celebrated the 28th anniversary of the wedding, reports the Daily Mail. As witnesses say, young man (remember, he is a former pizza guy) easily found a common language with family hotel magnates, despite the fact that by nature he is quite modest and shy.Note that this turn of events few could have expected. Recently, the tabloids reported that Paris threw too calm and attemperating the Swede Wagga. Then the paparazzi managed to capture the famous blonde in the company of actor Adrian Grenier, silently exchanging expressive glances. Moreover, just a month ago windy socialite arrived in Moscow for a fashion Week accompanied by 37-year-old TV producer Jason Moore and stayed with him in the same room. Читать полностью -->

Nikolai Karachentsov was in intensive care

Nikolai Karachentsov was in intensive careFamous actor Nikolai Karachentsov is in intensive care one of capital clinics. The artist needs to recover after the operation.We already wrote about the fact that Nikolai Petrovich had planned surgical intervention. After a terrible accident that occurred in February 2005, the actor had to visit a few times on the operating table.I Karachentsov, complications in the head began to accumulate fluid. This fluid pressure vessels and must be removed.First, this procedure wanted to do in September, but then the operation it was decided to postpone to a later date. The actor carefully prepared: he always consulted with experts in this area and even for several days went to the Sklifosovsky Institute.In the end, the operation was carried after the November holidays. Nikolai Petrovich came to the clinic with his wife Lyudmyla Parginos, and soon he had a successful operation is conducted so-called bypass surgery.Doctors inserted a shunt - a tube through which the display liquid. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears called 6 celebrities with whom she'd slept

Britney Spears called 6 celebrities with whom she'd sleptAt the star party thrown on the occasion of Halloween, Britney Spears shared her lesbian dreams, writes the Daily Star.Britney decided not to dissemble, playing in adult games "Skeletons in the closet" and on the question of who of the celebrities she'd like to sleep, called 6 names. The most shocking thing that the first two of them female!Among star's "lucky" from erotic fantasies miss Spears was listed on the first socialite and friend of Paris Hilton Kim Kardashian. "I really like Kim figure, her skin and hair. Kim is a real woman!" - shared preferences Britney.Also on the list of stars that would be Britney Spears wanted to have sex, featured a 35-year-old star of "Baywatch Carmen Electra. Of the men in it were famous Hollywood bachelor George Clooney, Dean of the father of a large family of Brad pitt, 35-year-old colleague at the scene of the rapper Eminem, model and part current boyfriend Helly berry Gabriel Aubry.I must say, this week, any party involving Britney Spears turns into a scandal. A couple of days ago she made a mad party in Jacuzzi private Villa. Читать полностью -->

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