Britney Spears was insane

Britney Spears was insaneSam Lufti, Manager and companion of Britney Spears, said that the singer has problems with the psyche and that she's seeing a psychiatrist.The presenter of ABC television's Barbara Walters in his View the program stated that he talked to Lafti on the phone. "He said that Britney is, as he put it "questions on the psyche, but it is treatable. He also added that the singer visits a psychiatrist and start treatment," said Walters.According to Walters, Lufti is constantly together with Britney and says that she has seen dramatic mood changes, and trouble sleeping.Yesterday the parents of Britney hastily came to her home in Beverly hills after Britney had an argument with his Manager. About six in the evening she jumped out of the car Lafti at the gate of his house and crying sat on the sidewalk in front of a crowd of photographers.According to informed sources, the quarrel occurred due to the fact that Sam insisted on her meeting with the mother, treated, and prevented her from seeing her boyfriend, paparazzo Adnan Khalid.After a while Britney sat in the car of one of the photographers and drove to his Villa. Later on, the collar arrived Adnan, tried to go inside, but he was not allowed.Meanwhile, despite all this, the court yesterday allowed Britney to have contact with children, however, only by phone. Judge Scott Gordon at the disposal wrote: "Spears is allowed to have telephone contact with the children. Читать полностью -->

Dionn Warwick robbed in the luxury hotel Rome

Dionn Warwick robbed in the luxury hotel RomeA famous singer of the soul Dionn Warwick, who arrived in Italy with several concerts, robbed in the luxurious hotel De Russie Rome, said Wednesday the local media.According to the singer, she had stolen the ring with precious stones, Rolex watches and necklaces - items with a total cost of 120 thousand euros. Now the police are investigating, trying to figure out who could have access to the room Warwick.The hotel De Russie is proud of its "star" guests. At various times stayed here, former U.S. President bill Clinton, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, famous actors Tom cruise and George Clooney, reports RIA "Novosti".But despite the glory of the most elegant and famous hotels of Rome, this is not the first case of a robbery of celebrities at the De Russie. In December 2000 from the room the American actress Cameron Diaz has disappeared jewels and exclusive dresses from famous fashion designers.Warwick was born in 1940 in new Jersey, began his musical career in the mid 50-ies of the lead singer of the band "The Drinkard Singers". Later she started singing in the band "The Gospelaires". Читать полностью -->

In France painting by David Burliuk not found a buyer

In France painting by David Burliuk not found a buyerOn the first day of the new year picture of the founder of Russian futurism David Burliuk was auctioned in France, but has not found a buyer.The piece "Sailor of the Siberian flotilla" was supposed to be sold at auction in Honfleur for 80-100 thousand dollars, but willing to pay the money is not found, ITAR-TASS reported.Portrait of a sailor in his cap was written by Burliuk in 1911.. As assured chief expert of the auction Christoph Zagrodzki, work Burliuk "refers to his best, the most valuable period because after emigrating to the USA he changed his style"."For Russians Burliuk - a poet-garde artist. We, in the West, unable to meet his untranslatable into other languages poetry, and for us it is primarily a fine artist, close to Paris cubism", - explained the expert.At auction in Honfleur today were for sale and found a buyer several other paintings of Russian artist Pavel Shmarov. Taught him a while Ilya Repin believed Shmarov "great artist", and his works were bought by the Empress Maria Feodorovna. In Honfleur exhibited close to the style of Fauvism paintings depicting human figures on the banks of the river and the sea. Biggest price received for one of them, 3.7 million euros. Читать полностью -->

Litvinova congratulated Bashmet, sitting on the toilet

Litvinova congratulated Bashmet, sitting on the toilet The actress was kicked out of the restroom for the guests who came on the anniversary of the famous musicianIn celebration of the 55th anniversary of an outstanding musician Yuri Bashmet flamboyant actress Renata Litvinova threw a fit in the General toilet Big hall of Conservatory, sitting on the toilet and drinking brandy.From the beginning of the evening, the actress, who was the presenter of the concert, was in good spirits and surprisingly knowledgeable character of this lady, holding in his hands. But after the concert ended, Litvinov showed its capricious nature.Once ended with a fabulous performance of the 55 year old Maestro, invited guests - Renata Litvinova, Nikita Mikhalkov, Andrei Solovyov, Alexander Zhukov and Igor Butman went to the dressing room to Yuri Bashmet to personally congratulate him. The celebrant at this time decided to take a break after a long concert.However, the attempt to relax before the Banquet was not successful. Gaggle of stars of the Russian show-business broke into the room of the birthday boy with alcoholic drinks and a storm of congratulations.- Yura! Dear, we congratulate you with your anniversary! - guests congratulated the musician.ToiletSince the room was very small, and the guests - many, formed a pandemonium. Therefore, Renata Litvinova along with other guests went to the toilet near where, apparently, they were much more comfortable.Deciding to amuse their colleagues and have some fun, Litvinov sat in the bathroom on the toilet and began to drink from the bottle of cognac. The actress laughed and clearly enjoyed, as it was in the center of attention. Читать полностью -->

Paul McCartney appeared for the fifth grandson

Paul McCartney appeared for the fifth grandsonSir Paul McCartney for the fifth time became a grandfather, reports the Daily Mail newspaper. On Tuesday morning his daughter, designer Stella McCartney, gave birth in a London hospital of a boy who was named Beckett Robert Lee Willis.Press Secretary Stella reported that the mother and the newborn feel good. Beckett became the third child to 36-year-old Stella McCartney and her husband, the publisher of Alasdair Willis, whom she married in 2003. Their first son Miller was born in 2005, and in 2006 was born the daughter Bailey.Until the birth Stella continued to work. For Christmas, she organized a star party at their store in Central London. And in February in Paris, she will present her new collection fall/winter 2008-2009.Sir Paul McCartney has two grandchildren from oldest daughter Mary - 8-year-old Arthur and 5-year-old Elliot. Читать полностью -->

The results of treatment Karachentsov exceeded expectations

The results of treatment Karachentsov exceeded expectationsAfter the successful surgery on the brain the doctors allowed Nicholas Karachentsov to leave the clinic. According to doctors, the treatment results exceeded all expectations: the artist really went quickly on the mend and feeling fresh and rested.Yesterday Nikolay Petrovich was discharged from the Institute Sklifosovsky.As already wrote "Your DAY" some time ago, experts found that in the brain Karachentsov fluid accumulates. The temporary catheter is not contributed to its outflow, in addition, it needed to be changed regularly, and this procedure caused the patient pain and inconvenience. Then the doctors decided to use the latest method of treatment: they put the patient under the skin of the tube through which the pump fluid from the brain is pumped directly into the stomach.ExtractThe operation was successful, and famous, the patient went quickly on the mend. After each examination, the doctors astonishment shrugged.- It's a miracle that she quickly recovered, " says the clinic's staff. The only thing that complicates the healing process, his addiction to Smoking.Leaving the hospital, Nikolai Petrovich looked very cheerful and energetic. Читать полностью -->

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