The richest model refused to work for dollars

The richest model refused to work for dollarsFrom the U.S. currency declined the main star of the world's catwalks - the Brazilian Gisele bГјndchen. The richest model in the world, as appears from an interview with her sister and part-time Manager, insists on the fees in euros.Last week the US dollar fell to its lowest in many years mark against the Euro, the pound sterling and the canadian dollar. 27-year-old supermodel allegedly earned from January to June this year, with $ 30 million bearings in the situation on world financial markets and has set a goal to avoid green notes because of the uncertainty in their future.According to the weekly Brazilian magazine Veja, when bГјndchen has signed a contract for the demonstration of a series of Pantene hair products, she demanded from the trademark owner, group Procter & Gamble (P&G), payment in euros. P&G management this information has not commented. Meanwhile, according to rumors, Giselle demanded payment in Euro and from the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana for advertising his perfume series The One.Change in financial sentiment sisters confirmed Patricia bГјndchen. Читать полностью -->

Kirkorov swears eternal love Pugacheva

Kirkorov swears eternal love PugachevaPhilip Kirkorov after divorce with Alla Pugacheva does not get tired everywhere to talk about his eternal love for the diva. And recently, the question of if they're together, Kirkorov said that nothing else.As it turned out, now that Alla Borisovna appears everywhere with Maxim Galkin, Philip feels a sense of jealousy."What do you think? Of course I'm jealous, - said Kirkorov. But there are some feelings are taller and stronger, jealousy and other negative reactions. The most heartfelt ballads of my anniversary program dedicated to Alla. My top songs today are about Love, and I never tire of them dedicate my Muse Is the Woman who sings".Recently Philip gave a series of concerts in St. Petersburg, and on posters again not without name Pugacheva."Chief consultant and Muse - Alla Pugacheva" written on the poster. Читать полностью -->

Thousands of people came to say goodbye to Alexander Abdulov

Thousands of people came to say goodbye to Alexander AbdulovIn the area of grief has turned into a Moscow theatre "Lenkom". At exactly 11:00 GMT here began the ceremony of farewell to a great actor, people's artist of Russia Alexander Abdulov.He died early on the morning of 3 January, after a long illness. He was only 54 years old. Close to the theatre, the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary in Putinka, which helped to restore the actors Lenkom, the funeral was held Abdulov. Then the coffin with his body to the theater on their shoulders moved his closest friends, including Leonid Yarmolnik and Alexander Inshakov.According to "Interfax", in mournful procession from the temple to the theatre was attended by famous musicians, actors and Directors, among which the theatre's artistic Director mark Zakharov.Today Alexander Abdulov for the last time on the home stage. The coffin with the body of the deceased is buried in flowers. Читать полностью -->

Selina thanked the ladies that brighten up the leisure of her husband

Selina thanked the ladies that brighten up the leisure of her husbandOnce again, the St. Petersburg theatrical coterie a rumour started that Sergey Selin divorces his wife Larissa. Even a vacation this year the couple spent apart. Larissa went in August in Spain, and Sergei took a friend from his hometown of Voronezh, went to the Dead sea.However, in the promised Land actor has got into the lens of the paparazzi with another female. With the same lady Sergei saw not only the beach but also in various Israeli cafes, at the Bazaar, the hotel...We called Sergei to find out what his companion was captured.- I do not understand what it was about, or rather who. I have pics with different women at home are a dime a dozen. Читать полностью -->

Bilan hear terrifying torture and threaten retaliation

Bilan hear terrifying torture and threaten retaliationDmitry Bilan in shock for a few weeks on the phone unknown people threatening violence, speaking up in the most terrible words.They promise to steal the singer and his producer Yana Rudkovskaya, blow up their cars, to torture, degrading humiliation. To terminate the telephone terrorism, the hero of "Eurovision" has written the application in militia.First, the terrorists called Bilan only on mobile. In the tube flowed language and threats. And, having heard his voice, the unknown man has unleashed a new thread swearing, not allowing to insert even a word in reply.Not to wag their nerves, Dima decided not to answer calls if the display of his cell phone displayed an unknown number. If he only imagined where it would lead!Realizing that to Bilan them not to call, the terrorists began to "get" the producer of the famous artist Yana Rudkovskaya. The villains are not only threatened, and blackmailed. Читать полностью -->

Pugachev was kicked out of the `Song of the year` the singer Maksim

Pugachev was kicked out of the `Song of the year` the singer MaksimIn the so-called black list of Alla Borisovna hit and popular singer MaksimStated in all the posters of "Song of the year" the girl by the grace of the artistic Director of the concert will not take part in it.Although Mack has sung in the past year, perhaps more hits than any of her colleagues.If Lev Leshchenko, which the diva also did not want to see in the final performance can objectively be reproached for the fact that during the year he never sang a single hit (although the same situation was two years ago, but he was always among the participants of "Song of the year"), in relation to the young singer.All tracks girl was at the top of various charts, and the albums were bestsellers.But Pugacheva, in all probability, my own view on it, and led the diva some other reasons. Some we can only guess. But a few days before the concert, the Directors of the singer and called before an unpleasant fact: Mack in "Song of the year" will not participate.ResentmentThe young singer was not only surprised, but also hurt the way you're treated. With all due respect to Alla Borisovna she was unable to find an explanation for its decision.- I'm surprised to hear that I was not in the list of participants of "Song of the year," says the singer. - My name was even in the online posters. Now I don't want to see.The singer has been reported among the participants, and were negotiating about what song she should sing. Читать полностью -->

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