Olga Buzova dressed in `rose buds`

Olga Buzova dressed in `rose buds`The star of "House-2" undressed in front of fans before bathing suit woven of violets...Olga Buzova wowed the audience with his fancy sexy dress with pink flowers.At the fashion show famous fashion designer Tatiana Trevorrow she appeared in a sexy swimsuit from the violets floral purse over her shoulder.Seeing half-naked Olga, fans roared with delight.- Oh! How many emotions! - smiled the sexy blonde and sent fans a kiss.Wound up the audience burst into applause.Swimsuit of violets for Oli designers have produced a unique technology.- The petals were glued to the fabric very carefully so as to leave no trace of glue or other fastening means, - says Tatiana Trevorrow. - And painstaking work was done for nothing! Pink flowers swimsuit perfectly highlighted chocolate tan and perfect shape Oli.- For this show I came up with all the responsibility - confessed "TD" behind the scenes Olya. - Because my body wasn't supposed to be worse these beautiful flowers! And, judging by the violent reaction of the audience, I did it! I gladly went to the beach in this set. Sorry, that swimsuit "lives" only for a week. Source: Olga Buzova dressed in "pink buds"". . Читать полностью -->

Pamela Anderson was going to retire

Pamela Anderson was going to retireFormer model and star of TV series "Baywatch" Pamela Anderson said that in the next five years, plans to retire from the show business and go to his native Canada, reports AFP.40-year-old Anderson said in an interview with the newspaper USA Today that despite regular job offers, she is, in his own words, "too lazy" and would like to start a settled life with her new husband Rick Salomon, whom she married in Las Vegas last month."I keep getting offers to act in films and on television. But I answer to everything is no. It drives my agent crazy," said Anderson. "I'm lazy. I don't want to work. I want to be with their children," she added.Now Anderson is involved in a show of Dutch magician Hans Klok in Vegas, the truth on 8 December the show closes.Anderson also said that working in show business for five years and then leave. Читать полностью -->

Michael Jackson showed reporters their children

Michael Jackson showed reporters their childrenThe children of Michael Jackson were finally photographed without masks. As you know, the king of pop is known that he made his children wear face dark scarves with the appearance in public.But now, he apparently gave an indulgence of 10-year-old son Prince Michael and 9-year-old daughter Paris. The other day they were allowed to openly walk around Luxor casino in Las Vegas, reports The Sun.Michael and Paris Jackson children from his marriage with a beautician Debbie Rowe, which lasted from 1996 to 1999. The paternity of Jackson was always in doubt. After the divorce, the wife gave the children in the care of Jackson. In 2002, Jackson was born by a surrogate mother of another son, Prince Michael II. Читать полностью -->

Sharapova gave an interview on the eve of the start of the tournament

Sharapova gave an interview on the eve of the start of the tournamentMaria Sharapova, who was seeded fifth at the Australian Open, gave an interview on the eve of the start of the tournament."I love the work being done on the court, and believe that one day all this will be rewarded," said Sharapova, last Australian Open losing in the final to Serena Williams. - 've said many times that I'm still young, I am only 20. So don't think that now is the peak of my career. There is still many, many years, during which I'm going to gain a rich experience.". . . Читать полностью -->

Julia Volkova became an adult

Julia Volkova became an adultIn the midst of working on a new album "White robe" Duo "t.A.T.u.". Despite this, Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova's not forget about his personal life. The first is decorating the apartment, and the second builds relationships with young businessman Parviz Jasenovik.As soon as Julia learned that expecting her second child, she gave up all bad habits and start to live a correct lifestyle - to drink juices and oxygen cocktails, take a walk in the fresh air. In search of positive emotions Julia and went with Parviz, the father of the future child, to Cyprus - one of his favorite places."I feel very comfortable and relaxed, - said Volkov. - Great sea, nice beaches, and you can sunbathe Topless - no one will complain to the police.It is in Cyprus four years ago, one lucky photographer captures the singer Topless and hugging her then-boyfriend, writes "Express newspaper".- At first she was mad at me - told us the author of a memorable photo. Then we met, had a warm conversation, and now she's in me, I hope that evil does not hold.In his current visit Volkova behaved quietly and modestly: Topless sunbathed, no scandals with the staff was not satisfied.- I guess I just became an adult and now I don't want negativity, " smiles Julia. Читать полностью -->

Gluk'oza struck `Thor X Sexy` magnificent forms

Gluk'oza struck `Thor X Sexy` magnificent formsAt the ceremony tor X Sexy" Natasha broke the ban of max Fadeev and had the old name. Problem Natalia Ionova with her ex-producer Maxim Fadeev again gaining momentum.Despite the fact that the former benefactor banned trust to use the name Gluk'oza, at the ceremony tor X Sexy" 21-year-old mother was called by this name. Such behavior threatens the singer court proceedings, because the formal brand "Gluk'oza" registered firm Fadeeva. The company representatives have already warned Ionova about the possible consequences. But despite the troubles, Natasha was not discouraged.The actress returned to its former shape and vengeance is enjoying the joy of motherhood. In Spain, where the ions together with the daughter spent almost half a year, the girl attended an elite clinic. Читать полностью -->

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