A rating of the sexiest men of 2007

A rating of the sexiest men of 2007The second time men's magazine AskMen.com made the list of the best male representatives in 2007 called Top 49 Men of 2007.Its composition was determined readers who were asked to answer the question, who of famous personalities worthy to be the epitome of masculinity.Chief editor James Bassil says: "Annual list of the Top 49 Men provides a glimpse into the collective intelligence of our readers and gives them a voice to Express who they care about".This year the most man of all men was the footballer David Beckham, who surpassed the actor Matt Damon and rapper Timbaland, who took second and third places respectively. The top five also included Roger Federer, tennis champion and singer Justin Timberlake.The first ten in the ranking formed the famous men from the world of cinema, sport and business: the role of James bond Daniel Craig (6), Apple CEO Steve jobs (7), who took last year's first place in the list of George Clooney (8), the racer "Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton (9) and a young Hollywood actor Christian bale (10).Further, from the known characters in the list we can mention the beloved Angelina Jolie, brad pitt, is not ranked in the top ten and took the 11th place, his colleague actor Denzel Washington (14), the author of famous "the Simpsons" Matt Groningen (17) and British comedian Sasha Baron Cohen (18), who played a Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiev.The head of the Virgin Empire businessman Richard Branson is located on 21-m a place on line ahead of actor Leonardo DiCaprio (22). Young British Prince Harry AskMen readers put on 23-th position, and famous golfer tiger woods has occupied 26-e a place.Kanye West, recently won a bet with his colleague rapper 50 Cent, was seeded at 28 m, and a rising Hollywood star Shia LaBeouf, who starred in "Transformers", has completed the third ten (30).At the 36th and 37th places we meet two old tycoons of business: Mexican media magnate Carlos slim, whom some have called the richest man in the world, and billionaire Stephen Schwarzman, head of Blackstone Group, the largest private company in the world.Richard Hammond, nicknamed "Hamster", leading autoproduce TopGear took 39th place, the husband of "Desperate Housewives" Eva Longoria basketball player Tony Parker - 42-e, and closes on the 49th place Gerard Butler - king Leonidas from "300". Source: a Rating of the sexiest men of 2007. . . Читать полностью -->

Daughter of Keith Richards took off everything except pantyhose

Daughter of Keith Richards took off everything except pantyhose Theodora Richards, the daughter of a famous member of the band the Rolling Stones Keith Richards was photographed Nude for the German magazine MAX.In an interview with a future model of the collection H&M from Robert Cavalli touts his famous father and says: "it is a Pity that people know only one side of it".According to 22-year-old Theodora - fetal relations guitarist with former supermodel Patti Hansen Richards instilled in their children the way to behave at the table, read them bedtime stories and played the music of Mozart. "This is the most wise person I know," she says, adding that, unfortunately, people only know about the scandals 63-year-old musician.At the age of 16, Theodora along with his mother has already participated in the advertising of spirits Gap and Guerlain. In the fall of 2002, she starred in commercials Tommy Hilfiger at the Caribbean Villa Hilfiger. Then came the advertising Burberry along with Kate moss, and linen Marks & Spencer.Although blue-eyed blonde has such a perfect model (her height is less than 170 cm), this did not prevent her from getting on the cover of magazines such as Tatler, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Glamour. Since 2006 she is a consultant and designer of the American label 4Stroke.Her legendary father long career not just made a name for himself not only with his music, but also unrestrained lifestyle. In his younger years, he often clashed with the law because of his drug addiction. Читать полностью -->

Fidel Castro spoke about his `possible death`

Fidel Castro spoke about his `possible death`Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Thursday 24 January said the Cuban media that was on the verge of death in July 2006, when his condition worsened dramatically, according to AFP.Recall that on 30 July 2006, Castro underwent major intestinal surgery. After that, Fidel, who for nearly half a century was the sole ruler of Cuba, temporarily handed power to his younger brother Raul, before holding a post of the Minister of defence of the country.Since then, Fidel never participated in any public event, and in December 2007 made it clear that it can resign. In an address to Parliament he said that was tied to power, but life changed his Outlook. He also urged the people to support his brother Raul.Will Fidel Castro leader of Cuba, will be decided at the inaugural meeting of the Cuban Parliament on 24 February. Source: Fidel Castro spoke about his "possible death"". . Читать полностью -->

Ten amazing facts about Bruce Lee

Ten amazing facts about Bruce LeeParents didn't call him Bruce. They preferred to call him SAI Fon - a small miracle. Girl's name that parents chose on purpose, believing that evil spirits do not like when the family has boys (their first child is a boy, died in infancy).Therefore, they believed that if you give Bruce a female name, you will be able to trick the demons and save his life.Actually, the name Bruce gave him a nurse of the hospital on Jackson Street in San Francisco, where he was born (at that time father Bruce traveled in the troupe of the theatre). The nurse thought that if to give the child an English name, it will help to avoid difficulties with obtaining a us birth certificate (Bruce had been born an American, and have never had any other nationality).Yet2. Partly Bruce Lee was a GermanBruce wasn't pure Chinese: it tech and German blood (his grandfather on the mother's side was half German).3. Bruce Lee never lost a fightIn fact he lost the fight only once in his life: when he was 13 years old. Читать полностью -->

The film `Atonement` leaves in the Russian hire

The film `Atonement` leaves in the Russian hireDecember 13, in Los Angeles were named winners of the annual awards of the Hollywood foreign press Guild "Golden globe". The film "Atonement" Director Joe Wright, with keira Knightley and James McAvoy in the lead roles has received the main award of the prize.He became the best film of the year in the category drama. The Golden Globe was also marked by a great soundtrack, created for this film composer Dario Marianelli.The picture is in the Russian hire on January 17, 2008, and tells the tragic love story against the backdrop of World War II. "Atonement" opened the 64th Venice film festival in August 2007, where he received much applause from critics.January 15 will be held in Moscow for the Russian premiere of the film "Atonement" in the cinema "cinema world".Films for Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures, whose interests in the Russian market is a distributor Universal Pictures International Russia, received a total of 4 figurines.The acclaimed film Studio Paramount Pictures "the Old place" ("No country for old men") Cohen brothers also received two Golden Globe awards.Ethan and Joel Cohen received a statuette for best screenplay in the category of drama, and Javier Bardem was named best actor in a drama category.This work Cohen brothers return to their traditional genre of bloody thrillers with dark humour and unexpected outcomes.The film will appear on the screens of the Russian cinemas from 7 February 2008. Source: the Film "Atonement" leaves in the Russian hire. . Читать полностью -->

Husband of Lera Kudryavtseva `killed` 660 people

Husband of Lera Kudryavtseva `killed` 660 peopleHusband of famous TV presenter and actress Lera Kudryavtseva sitting in Butyrskaya prison - he is accused of fraud. The mystery of the mysterious disappearance of one of the successful capital businessmen Matvei Morozov opened the MC.Friends said that the whole year he was abroad, but it turned out that it is not. Morozov all this time was sitting on a bunk in the "Butyrka".Matvei Morozov was charged with fraud and illegal crossing of the state border. Morozov in 1989 was convicted of rape and robbery. After serving, he was released and set up shop, "Auto parts for all foreign cars of the world".In the store customers were asked to select the required spare part catalog, request and Deposit. Sometimes the amount of such prepayments amounted to 100% of the cost of the entire order. Читать полностью -->

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