The stars of bollywood prohibit Smoking

The stars of bollywood prohibit SmokingThe health Minister of India, Anbumani Ramadoss called two well-known bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh bachan to quit Smoking, so as not to set a bad example to the younger generation, writes The Times.Ramadoss actively lobbiruemy ban Smoking on screen, said that concerned about the number of young people in India suffering from nicotine addiction. "I want to speak to Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Baccano and other famous people that influence children. In the movies there should be scenes with Smoking characters, because statistics show that 52% of children first take the hands of the cigarette to resemble the movie characters," said he.42-year-old Han, Smoking in public and on screen, has stated that any restriction of the freedom of creativity leads to the appearance of censorship. "As filmmakers we must have freedom of creativity, because everything that happens on screen, it's our imagination. We should not censor," he said.The conflict between the actor and the Minister of health has shown that residents of India, where at least 250 million people smoke or chew tobacco, and 2200 die every year from diseases associated with Smoking are uninterested in discussing this issue.The government of India banned Smoking in public places, and also imposed a ban on tobacco advertising. However, all the efforts of the authorities undermined by scenes in bollywood movies where the main character often smokes surrounded by beautiful women and expensive cars.To Khan and Baccano already made complaints organizations involved in the fight against Smoking. In 2006, a 65-year-old Bachchan, who said that he quit Smoking 34 years ago, was forced to apologize for appearing on the poster advertising the film "the Family", with a cigar in his hand.Last year, the national organization for tobacco filed for Khan to court for what he was Smoking at a cricket match and at the press conference. The actor has denied the charge of Smoking in public, but said: "Every time I appear before television cameras, I speak: "Children, do not smoke. It kills you". This is the worst habit and I really want to get rid of it". Source: Stars of bollywood prohibit Smoking.

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