Radimov rolled Bulanova `sexual` scandal

Radimov rolled Bulanova `sexual` scandalVladislav Radimov threw a real scandal, Tatiana Bulanova, knowing that she will star in the erotic scenes.The singer had to try hard to convince her husband to allow her to kiss in the frame with his partner on a new film.Vlad personally supervised the process of filming and warned partner's wife, that he did not afford anything extra and not an abusive one.The filmTatiana plays a major role in the film Vitaliy Aksenov "Love can be".- In the story I meet a promising writer and fall in love with him, " smiles the singer. - Good good love story.Partner artist became brutal actor Oleg Diamonds.- The idea with the shooting Vlad loved it, " says Tatiana. But when he learned that all the sex scenes, it was, to put it mildly, not happy.Vlad rolled his scandal his wife, Tatiana, as a truly wise woman, was able to convince him that passionate kiss with another man in the frame means absolutely nothing.- I love only you, " admitted her husband Tanya during breaks between filming. - These scenes I was very confused. I am very shy.Only after shooting a sex scene is over, Vlad calmed down and left the area. Source: Radimov rolled Bulanova "sexual" scandal.

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