Son Polishchuk fulfilled mother's promise

Son Polishchuk fulfilled mother's promiseActor Alexey Makarov finally fulfilled the promise he gave after the death of his mother Lyubov Polishchuk. The other day he admitted that now he changed his name.It happened during the tour the participants in the "Ice age". In Kiev Alexey Makarov admitted publicly: his name now sounds different."I want everyone to know! My name now is not Makarov, and Polishchuk!" "said the artist.Alex has repeatedly said in interviews that the father he never knew. He was raised by his mother, who by reason of employment was forced to give her son in the care of teachers of boarding school.The actor has long seemed strange that he bears the name of a person who was not involved in his upbringing. When Lyubov Grigorievna Polishchuk did not, Alex decided to correct this injustice.However, viewers have grown accustomed to it as a Makarov, the more the press there was much discussion of his alleged affair with co-star of the show "Ice age" Anna Semenovich.By the way, Alexey was surprised when he was invited to ride, but agreed immediately, writes "KP-Ukraine". From all the relatives, the actor left with only his grandmother Olga Panteleevna is a big fan of figure skating. Alex knew how it would be nice if he would give consent to participate. Source: Son Polishchuk fulfilled mother's promise.

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