Criminals set fire to her in her own home

Criminals set fire to her in her own homeThe day before yesterday night, when the fire started, the singer remembers it as a nightmare.She was excited not so much for himself, but for the residents of your home who could have been killed. When she learned that it was arson, her indignation knew no bounds.Returning home late one night after a concert, Lola nose to nose collided with a fire truck. A few minutes before her arrival, the fire in the house barely managed to put out. Neighbors explained to the excited actress that was burning at the cafe on the ground floor of her house (under the apartment of the singer) and owned by the former wife of a famous TV host Andrei Karaulov. The longer the singer communicated with residents, the more shocking details of her opened. It turns out that the fire resulted from arson and, if not for the quick response of neighbors, people could suffocate.ScandalThat cafe in her home was opened four years ago, then the wife of a prominent journalist Ksenia, IBA, of course, knew. She was appointed business meetings there, and just went with friends to drink a Cup of coffee. But when she found out about a Grand scandal between the now former spouses, was horrified.Ksenia told the singer and TV presenter about what happened she was inclined to suspect Karaulova and that the fire is not an accident, but the embodiment of his threats to life.Some time ago the controversial TV journalist, on conviction of his ex-wife kidnapped their four year old son and now holds the boy at the cottage.I often promised, that will make my life miserable, " says "Your DAY" Ksenia. - This cafe is my only source of income, and he knows it. In four years of existence in our school everything was fine. And before the fire came to us with instructions to close it down allegedly because of complaints from visitors on that from the ceiling fell on them rat. This is really ridiculous! And here is the fire, is it coincidence? I haven't been on the site of emergency, but firefighters said it was arson. Of course, we will investigate. But now the most important to me my son back.FireHe broke out at night, when none of the visitors to the cafe, fortunately, was not. The school was only the guards and the barmaid. Apparently, none of them was able to escape from a burning building, outside the front door was propped metal objects. But residents of the house, the smell, immediately called the fire Department. And if not for their quick response, victims would not be avoided.The most famous resident - Lolita - came home when the fire has just been extinguished and the courtyard was crowded.- Going back about two o'clock home, I could not enter the yard, says "Your DAY" singer. - Missing a departing fire truck, I realized that travel is still impossible, because in the arch where the door to the cafe, littered with various metal objects. They, in all likelihood, and was backed this door.The picture that we opened was terrible. Cafe workers dismantled the debris near the door. People who miraculously survived, told me that this is the revenge of mister Karaulov ex-wife. It would be nice to mister Karaulov, podzilla arsonists, to remember that it's criminal article that infringed on people's lives. Nobody knows how much we suffered, if the neighbors didn't react quickly. In this house there are many respected people, and we'll probably have to ask for help. Because people could've died, I saw how shocked they were. Source: Criminals set fire to her in her own home.

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