Gazmanov will fly to marry the Maldives

Gazmanov will fly to marry the MaldivesRumor has it that the famous singer decided to throw a wedding in the Maldives.Well the wedding in the Maldives - it's great! And all sincerely happy for Oleg Gazmanov. Just who is the new chosen one artist?He has a long and happily married to Marina Mavrodi and raising her two children: Philip and five-year three-year Marianne. Do me a new passion and he decided to leave the family? This "P-I" decided to find out from the Marina.- Indeed, Oleg preparing for the wedding in the Maldives, " said the wife of the singer. - And his fiancee again... me. We got married five years ago in Butyrskaya registry office of Moscow. But every year, when going on vacation to some exotic country, arranged marriage ceremony. Last year we got married in India. It was all so beautiful! Why are we doing this? But that passion did not abate. After all, getting married again is such a test for two!AIDS-info (#24) Source: Gazmanov will fly to marry the Maldives.

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