Tsekalo with his wife made a public Striptease

Tsekalo with his wife made a public StripteaseAlexander Tsekalo and his wife Victoria were shocked by their overtly sexual games visitors a trendy restaurant.47 year old showman ordered dinner in one of the prestigious places in the city for three persons.Together with the newlyweds spent the evening sister Victoria Vera Brezhnev - known TV presenter and ex-soloist of "VIA gra".VikaArriving about eight o'clock in the evening in the restaurant, Sasha and Vika sat at the farthest table, so as not to attract much attention.Expensive delicacies and wine did the trick: the lovers quickly relaxed and lost the characteristic of public people in such cases, vigilance. Young Alexander's wife literally showered him with kisses, throwing such languid eyes, some visitors at the neighboring tables even expressive cleared his throat.- Sasha, do you love me? - slyly smiling, asked Vika to her husband and, without waiting for an answer, passionately dug into Sasha's lips. Flushed Tsekalo barely had time cloth to clean the corners of the mouth pieces of food.Innocent pranks with erotic elements stopped only when at a restaurant came sister Victoria Vera.FaithOnce at the table the young hooked Brezhnev, the couple have moderated his zeal. Throughout the evening, the company vigorously debated his plans. Periodically Vera was shown on the laptop of your photos.- In my opinion, pretty, commented Vika pictures of his beloved sister, holding the hand of Alexander.They had plenty of refined meals and casual conversation, the trio left fashion school. Being well mannered, Tsekalo himself paid the bill, pulled to 7000 rubles.Outside the cheerful company of the village in a Mercedes Alexander to continue the evening at home. Source: Tsekalo with his wife made a public Striptease.

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