Billionaire George Soros has fallen in love with a young Russian woman

Billionaire George Soros has fallen in love with a young Russian womanFinancier George Soros is known not only clever combinations on the securities markets and the organization of "colored" revolutions, but also the love of the fair sex. Despite its venerable age 77, he prefers young beauties.About it writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Because of this collapsed two years ago it lasted 20 years married 63-year-old Susan Weber.Soros changed his wife for a beauty Queen from Yaroslavl. Anna Malova was Miss Russia in 1998. On the green-eyed blonde, was engaged in ballet, rhythmic gymnastics and shaping, drew attention. She moved to new York. There she met with Soros. Their romance lasted more than a year. In the end, now that Anna's own Villa. At social events she attends jewellery worth millions of dollars. And in his spare time engaged in charity, kickboxing, swimming and water skiing.After model from Russia in the network of billionaire already got the real Queen. Noor, widow of Jordan's king Hussein, Soros converged on the grounds of charity. Many thought that friendship grew into love, but in the way the Queen stood another our compatriot.As reported by the American newspaper New York Post, recently in the favorites of George Soros the new girl from Russia - 22-year-old Marina Celle. Source: Billionaire George Soros fell in love with a young Russian woman.

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