The Bachinsky predicting death in a car crash

The Bachinsky predicting death in a car crashMore than two years ago on radio "Maximum" Bachynsky asked - why did not he gets his car? He responded saying, foretold death in a car accident, and therefore not at risk. Gennady really refused to drive it.But after a short time turned up a lucrative contract with the automotive sponsor who provided and Bachinsky, and Stillavin on car use. And then Gennady couldn't resist... Maybe he was hoping to outwit fate is foretold a death in his car, not to the sponsor. So Bachinsky sat down on the brand new yellow "Golf".For all his cheerful disposition, radio host differed accuracy on the road. And even said that praying in traffic to calm: because of the delays he experienced the awful feeling of discomfort, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda.There is also a version that the Gene was lost due to the fact that prior to that spent all night on .Ru. There is a screenshot from the site, where it says last visit - 5:09. He probably didn't sleep all night, then went tired in Kashin to do business. Therefore was not able to make the correct maneuver. Source: Bachinsky predicting death in a car crash.

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