Future first lady of Russia Medvedev knows from school

Future first lady of Russia Medvedev knows from schoolDespite the relatively young age of the couple Dmitry and Svetlana Medvedev (they both 1965), familiar wife for 35 years. With his future wife Svetlana V. Linnik Medvedev met in the first grade of secondary school in St. Petersburg.She studied in parallel. And they became friends through his first teachers that were friends. The pupils from the two classes often went on walks together, according to KP.Svetlana from military families. In high school was the first beauty school is a fair - haired, with beautiful eyes. Many boys liked her, but chose Dima. We, however, do not immediately notice that they have sympathy for each other - they are often at recess were together, said first teacher Dmitry Medvedev Vera B. Smirnova. A few years after high school they got married. And when sue gave birth to a son, do it well, often walking with a stroller".The wife of the first Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Svetlana Vladimirovna at official events with participation of the spouse is not yet shown. However, in the light goes out actively: in 2005, saw her housewarming Alla Pugacheva, and in April she congratulated Diva a happy birthday.In April 2007, Sarah has led the Board of Trustees of the target complex program "Spiritual and moral culture of the younger generation of Russia", created with the blessing of Patriarch Alexy II. And for a time left the star party.Directs the Dean of the faculty of St. Tikhon's Orthodox humanitarian University, hieromonk Cyprian. The program supports the President's administration, Ministry of culture and the state Duma. The programme is planned to establish Orthodox orphanages, conducting educational research expeditions, pilgrimages, funding of youth cinema.Among the Trustees of this Board along with Svetlana Medvedeva, the Minister of culture Alexander Sokolov and presidential envoy in the Volga Federal district Alexander Konovalov, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company "United Europe-Elite Valery Volodin, who owns a chain of "Ile de beaute". The edition "the New newspaper" in August of this year trying to figure out, but isn't Svetlana Medvedeva shareholder of the company "United Europe-Elite, however, attempt to publication were unsuccessful: no evidence for this was not given, although no rebuttals also not followed."Express newspaper" argues that involuntary seclusion ended when Svetlana Medvedeva going into all the nuances of the program and has established a clear operation. She attended the opening of fashion Week in Moscow on 24 October Yudashkin. They say that Medvedev, a longtime fan of the designer, but met him on housewarming Alla Pugacheva, when that celebrated the relocation of the hotel "Baltschug" 8-room apartment in imitation alley. Source: the Future first lady of Russia Medvedev knows from school.

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