Jack Nicholson spawn of the world's children

Jack Nicholson spawn of the world's childrenJack Nicholson said that he may have 9000 children. "I used to live so frivolously," said the actor, who still acknowledged the paternity of only four children from three different women, reports The Sun.However, Nicholson says that with age, he settled down. "Now is not the time to freak out too, but I'm mad as possible", - he said.In an interview with the American magazine Men's Journal Nicholson told that forgets about women in an hour after sex. According to him, there's nothing he can do about it. The way his brain. "In this sense, we men have more in common with dogs than with women. This may seem chauvinistic but it is a science", - quoted him as saying showbizspy."My philosophy is live for the present day. Do not leave undone what you really want to do," added Nicholson. Source: Jack Nicholson spawn of the world's children.

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