Family Britney Spears shocked America

Family Britney Spears shocked AmericaWe have Lindsay Lohan, who even manages to appear in public dressed. Queen of rehabilitation, it seems, now calmed down a bit, but for a long time she was in the spotlight of the media.The most scandalous was probably Paris Hilton, who spent 23 long days in prison for a crime in America hardly anyone remembers.Unfortunately, Anna Nicole Smith will no longer be able to make the odd trick or suddenly to publicly undress. This drama ended when Larry Birkhead recognized as the father of her young daughter. We are all delighted that this story will end with the end of 2007.And in this ranking women who behave in a strange way, one can say yet about Madonna. Adoption/kidnapping/buying her African baby also caused a lot of noise".The end of the year - time to take stock. At this time, in all that concerns foreign stars of show business we are asked to understand our American expert. It's no secret that the bulk of celebrities comes from the United States of America, and the opinion of the average American is especially interesting.So, our interlocutor, a resident of Pennsylvania, Gavin O'neill, 2007 year called "women who commit wrong deeds"."The first family of the infamous singer Britney Spears. Rehabilitation clinic, the battle for custody of children, teenage pregnancy Jamie Lynn Spears, the problems with the choice of clothing (or its absence). Britney shaved her head, lost did their kids and generally a disgrace to the family Spears in all possible ways. In short, the first place sometimes means to winning the title into the bargain.From edition Days.Ru I want to add that in our country everything that the American had a pretty great response. The biggest scandal we have been jailing of Paris Hilton. Britney Spears traditionally glimpsed in the titles of Russian-language press. The death of Anna Nicole Smith, too, has not gone unnoticed, but the battle for her daughter Dannilynn hope soon the three men who consider themselves the fathers of the baby, we especially did not cover.Lindsay Lohan with her almost permanent stay in rehabilitation clinics, tumultuous pastime at parties, for the Russians are not so interesting. Although her arrest for drunk driving and hour imprisonment were lit properly and in Russia.Madonna and her adoptive African baby David Banda interesting to us at a lesser degree. To adopt children has become a good tradition for Hollywood stars, so Madonna isn't distinguished.The material was prepared by Irina Mole and Gavin O'neill Source: Family Britney Spears shocked America.

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