Bare Kandelaki was photographed for PLAYBOY

Bare Kandelaki was photographed for PLAYBOY Well-known TV presenter and simply attractive woman Tina Kandelaki succumbed to the entreaties and agreed to pose for the PLAYBOY magazine. However, the only condition for the mother of two children has been a reluctance to expose the bust.And she explained quite logically.- I believe that a woman, evoking fantasies of men, much more interesting than the one that puts everything on display - convinced Kandelaki.Despite the ostentatious modesty heroine, during the filming of all those present was hot. Men breathlessly watched every movement of Malediwy.- I note that all the parts of the body, which I opened, and no my computer cleaning them no, " brags Tina. - No wonder I spend a lot of time in the gym.All photos that appear on the pages of the magazine, Tina took with her husband. Moreover, according to the presenter, sometimes their opinions with Andrew disagreed.- I am in some ways more conservative than her husband, says Kandelaki. - So many photos rejected, considering them too provocative. Source: Bare Kandelaki was photographed for PLAYBOY (photos).

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