For the first time in `La Scala` prima will become our member

For the first time in `La Scala` prima will become our memberFor the first time in the history of the famous Italian theatre prima will become a national darling - ballerina Svetlana Zakharova.In the Arsenal of deputies of the Duma not only the ability to jump and run better than anyone. Some have the unique talent to turn 36 fouettГ©s and slim leg leg to beat. Ballerina Svetlana Zakharova, prima Large, two weeks before parliamentary elections signed a contract with the famous theatre "La Scala" for the next three seasons in Milan, the Italian newspaper "Corriere della sera (Corriere della Sera). Now it turns out that for the first time in the history of "La Scala" his prima will be a member of Parliament.The ballerina is sure to combine an active theatre activities and work in the state Duma could:- I, apparently, the fate of the pioneer. In Saratov, I was on the party list of "United Russia" on elections in the second place. Now I am a politician.Svetlana had already decided what he would do in the first place:- I intend to propose a sharp decline in the prices of theatre tickets: the most expensive should cost a maximum of 4 thousand rubles.In 2005 Vladimir Putin dropped in on a rehearsal to Zakharova and Tsiskaridze.If the undertaking ballerina will support, and then voters will be able to admire their Deputy in "Swan lake". Now it is unaffordable few tickets in Large reach 30 thousand rubles. Source: for the First time in "La Scala" prima will become our member.

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