Valeria gave my son a laptop

Valeria gave my son a laptopOn the day of his devyatiletiya Valeria made for the birthday event in one of the bowling centers in Moscow and handed him the laptop.Famous mother though against addiction boy to computer games, but in his celebration, she could not fail to please the son of a welcome gift.For their young age Arseniy has already achieved a lot. Boy doing karate, modern dance and plays well on the piano. On his birthday, Senya crown demonstrated his techniques on Joseph Prigogine. However, Valeria with her husband until he decided what to do boy, and give him to choose Hobbies, the newspaper "Your day".It was the first birthday party, to which were invited classmates Canopy. Boys and girls were delighted with the fact that favorite singer spent with them the whole evening. She just hung out with the guys, but also sang karaoke hits 90 H. the Fact that the school her son is one of the universal favorites, can not but rejoice Valery.- You have a good friends, son, as long as you've become a fine man, wished star mom son. Source: Valeria gave my son a laptop.

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