The film Rambo IV banned in Myanmar

The film Rambo IV banned in MyanmarThe movie "Rambo IV" is banned in Myanmar, as it is a provocation to the political regime of the country, said the main actor and film Director Sylvester Stallone.According to him, the sale of pirated discs with the film, and his car is prohibited in theaters and families of actors from Myanmar who participated in the filming of the movie, arrested.Some locals say that they still buy pirate copies, in spite of the prohibitions. Rambo has become the country's symbol of the struggle with the regime."Living without a goal or die in the name of the goal - it's your choice" - this quote from the movie Myanmar students use in their demonstrations, and we hope that American troops would intervene in the situation in the country, said Stallone, reports the Associated Press."If the members of the junta of Myanmar think my film is a fantasy, I'll be glad to come and go without her bodyguards," said the actor.In the film the characters are searching missionaries abducted by Myanmar soldiers. Soldiers of the country within it behave violently, destroying villages and killing civilians. Source: the Film Rambo IV banned in Myanmar.

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