Sikharulidze decided to get married, tired of the jealousy

Sikharulidze decided to get married, tired of the jealousyLovely curse - is upset. This confirmed the wisdom skater and member of the "Ice age" Anton Sikharulidze. After a quarrel with his girlfriend - a graduate of the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University 22 years of Hope - he made her an offer of marriage.Belle was not going to be angry with a loved one and said Yes.Let us recall that about a year has close relationship. During this time, Nadia accustomed to the temperament of her lover. But Anton's participation in the project of the First channel "Ice age" became a serious test. Because such a number of interesting and famous ladies Sikharulidze had never been surrounded by. But despite the flirting, Anton still undecided only.WeddingThe age difference is 9 years old skater did not bother. On the contrary, Anton convinced that Nadya will be his faithful companion in life. In conversation with our correspondent Anton reiterated their serious intentions.- Now it is all on the level of ideas, we decide how things will go, " admitted "Your DAY" Anton. - The exact date we have not yet determined, but we plan to do this summer.Despite the fact that the official wedding ceremony ahead, Sikharulidze Hope believes his wife. After a quarrel with her because of participating in the show Anton was upset and explained to his colleagues the mood so:- I have a wife in hysterics...Fortunately, Anton quickly managed to temper sweetheart grace. Source: Sikharulidze decided to get married, tired of the jealousy.

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