Baskov is looking for a new wife

Baskov is looking for a new wifeSoon Sofia Mikhailovna and Nikolay Baskov can be not only a creative Duo.At the last concert of the singer in the Kremlin singer, who is divorcing his wife Svetlana, flirted with the singer hinted at a more intimate relationship.Sofia Mikhailovna, worse than we Pugacheva and Galkina? smiling, he turned to Baskov Rotaru. - I'm 30, you in the juice... well, we'd better decide.60-year-old singer, listening to the proposal favorite singer, only flirtatious smile, the newspaper "Your day".Shortly before the concert, when the artists have recorded a song together in the Studio, Kiev, Rotaru singer herself flirted with Baskov. From the environment of Sofia Mikhailovna, we've got a sensational video about their close relationship. Rotaru always with great sympathy to Baskov. And now that he's five minutes to a single man, her attitude became even warmer. What more eloquent than any words said the videotape.Sofia Mikhailovna with visible pleasure in helping her son to record his lines in the hit song "Lavender". As a singer with no less pleasant emotions this makes it under the strict guidance of Rotaru. During the break, Basque focuses on gift - an expensive necklace, which he made to the singer to the 60-year anniversary."I'm not in shape, I would now wear neckline, slightly embarrassed, smiles the actress. - And anyway, nick... You're a freelance artist, I also... As said my Golden friend (here Rotaru has in mind Alla Pugacheva), "I'm that age, you have so much. So what? Excellent!".

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