David Beckham is honoured to be a gay icon

David Beckham is honoured to be a gay iconThe famous British footballer David Beckham made two provocative recognition. He reported that his wife Victoria likes to dress him, and he is proud to be an icon for sexual minorities, says The Daily Mail.32-year-old former England captain said: "of Course, at the moment, how I look, basically defines Victoria"."I think most couples will agree that a person has to listen and trust the opinion of your partner about what he looks like, and take help from him in election style," explained David."In America I wear mostly shorts, t-shirts and flip flops - although Victoria does, I still prepare your clothes in advance. I am a very organized person and go to bed, knowing that I will wear the next morning," said the footballer. "An honor to be a style icon for gays. I like to take care of yourself and look good," he added.David, recently signatories to a lucrative contract with the firm Armani for the participation in promotions of underwear, not always perfectly calibrated style. A lot of talk caused his appearance in saree while walking with Victoria,as well as recognition soloist Spice Girls that her husband likes to wear her underwear.However, in a Radio 2 interview, Beckham said that he was a metrosexual long before in his life, a Victoria. "I always liked to look good, even in childhood. Once I was a pageboy at the wedding and I was given the choice to either wear a suit or pants, socks and gym shoes - I chose gym shoes and breeches. It was a little weird, and my dad asked me a spanking, but I was happy," admitted David.The player also told how she spent Christmas. Although he, his wife and three sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz moved to Los Angeles, a celebration the family decided to celebrate in the UK - during a week's break in a concert tour reunited group the Spice Girls. "We spent Christmas like most families around the world. We got up early. The boys woke up at 6:30 that's not so bad. They opened the gifts. Victoria always open our presents last because I want to look at the joy of our children," said David. Source: David Beckham is honoured to be a gay icon.

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