Fan cut my veins because of the coldness Baskov

Fan cut my veins because of the coldness BaskovWhen thirty-year-Dina M. went to a favorite cafe Madrid Kolya Baskov, there were no signs of trouble. Dressed in a modest gray sweater and dark blue skirt, pretty girl with a nervous face made his way through the tables to his idol.Normally, being in Spain, Nicholas lets go of the guard. In Europe, the face of the all-Russian favorite little familiar, so no excesses with enthusiastic crowds and throwing bras in the air at Baskov on the Pyrenees was not. In addition, the view slender girls not to arouse suspicion from security institutions. Metal detector, which after the bombings in Madrid is equipped with almost all cafes and restaurants, the girl was free.Asking in broken English: "Here, Lee is a blond Russian man?" the tourist went to the table Koli. Basque was eating for both cheeks favorite salad and I did not even pay attention to the fact that his table is a girl. Thinking that the waitress, the singer asked him to bring the bill. However, foreign replica the girl said: "Hello, nick, I am your fan. My name is Dina.Nicholas was flattered by the modesty and kindly asked, "What are you doing here?" "Came for you," the stranger answered, stretching her to autograph a glossy poster and pen. Basque signed and unobtrusively began to wait, when a visitor will say "thank you" and leave. But Dean instead asked Nicholas: "can we join you for Breakfast?".

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