Darya Dontsova is the most published writer in Russia

Darya Dontsova is the most published writer in RussiaDarya Dontsova took first place in the ranking of the most published writers of Russia. Such data are published by the Book chamber of the Russian Federation for 2006.It stressed that the list contains authors working in all genres, but the undisputed championship was won by detectives, according to a press release from the publishing house "Eksmo", received by the editors NEWSru.com.The total circulation of books Darya Dontsova in 2006 amounted to almost 10 million copies. Second place was taken by Tatiana Ustinova, who published about 3, 5 million copies of detective novels, works of Yulia Shilova reached a circulation of more than 2.7 million copies. A bit of her behind Boris Akunin, whose books were published with a circulation of over 2.6 million copies.In addition, the ten most popular authors were Marinina (2.6 million), Tatyana Polyakova (2.1 million), Nick Perumov (1 million) Ekaterina Vilmont (more than 970 thousand) and Alexander Bushkov (more than 950 thousand).Over the last twenty years in Russia the number of published books has increased twice: in 2006 there were over 100 thousand copies. The largest circulation publications in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Rostov, Sverdlovsk, Samara, Saratov and Kaluga regions.In Moscow now working 2.6 thousand publishers that publish more than half of the names and create about 80% of the total amount of all book production in Russia. A leading publishing house of Moscow is "penguin", which accounts for about 11% by number of titles and 13% on the circulation of all books and pamphlets published in Moscow in 2006.In 2006, books and brochures were published in 57 languages. Most of the works were published in Russian, Bashkir, Tatar, and Yakut languages. More than doubled the number of titles and copies of books, published in Udmurt, Komi, Yakut and Tuvan languages. Edition in Abaza and Karelian languages has increased almost 10 times. Source: Darya Dontsova is the most published writer in Russia.

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