Alla Pugacheva lost my voice

Alla Pugacheva lost my voiceThe prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva in a recent interview with Nikolai Baskov said, she has a very long voice problems. That's why she refused to sing even at the request of such stars as Montserrat Caballe."She talked all the time: why Allah did not want to sing? My, I asked for me," said Pugacheva Nikolay Baskov."My voice have not very well," replied the diva - I keep trying to be treated. Three times loosing his voice. First time - on "Tambourine shaman," when he took the highest note. I don't really care, because I like the singer never called singer. I originally had thought out his position - the woman who sings".Admitted Alla Borisovna and that after undergoing surgery she again started having problems with voice."I have after the operation happened, I hooked the voice," shared Joe. - Now a little recovered".Nikolay Baskov told me that the voice is influenced by many different factors. It turned out to singers not drastically gain or lose weight, you can not go to bath and tenors undesirable to have sex before the show, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Source: Alla Pugacheva lost my voice.

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