Based on the life of Lolita staged performance

Based on the life of Lolita staged performancePopular singer and TV presenter Lolita was surprised to learn that in her life put on a performance. Lolita knew nothing about the theatrical production, the main character that she is.In a provincial theatre staged the play "Man is an animal that cannot keep in the house" based on the life of Lolita the Site."Oh, are you kidding? "asked Lolita, when she was called by a correspondent of the newspaper "Arguments and facts". - Don't tell me and even the Prime Minister was not invited. Generally, it is an honor for me, what about me put the whole show. But in life, put, here's what confuses. The final specific no."You the story I will tell. I recently, following the example of their colleagues, have got property in Bulgaria, " continues the singer. - Looked at all the ads at an economical price and bought an apartment in the house where periodically live many of our stars. Now the whole of the Russian show business in one house lives in Bulgaria. But when I was there, in this house, something torn and a hole in the wall, I helped, asked workers to fill it. And the Manager said that in honor of me could be called a Park in the city. Of course, I was delighted, said, "This is wonderful!" And the Governor has proposed this idea to the mayor. But the mayor said, "Good idea. But there is one problem: Lolita still alive".The singer believes that the Director on such a creative step made her a comic figure: "I don't know what this show, but if all the stories out there are played in explanation of what is written about me on the Internet, then it's probably terribly funny, because the majority is not true. Here's me today Kolya Baskov was called and told that the Internet is written about me that I'm a lesbian, alcoholic, drug addict but, God forgive me, while not a prostitute. I'm on this for the whole day laughing," said Lolita, Basque told her the truth about what people write about people. Source: based On the life of Lolita staged performance.

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