`Old` Buzova all tired

`Old` Buzova all tiredOlga Buzova arranged in the "House-2" scandal, immediately after returning from St. Petersburg, where he was studying. Her boyfriend Roma Tretyakov, who left the show for family reasons, too, is about to return to the "House-2".In urban apartments "House-2" on TNT looked Olga Buzova, which Metropolitan living space is not inherited, although it participates in the reality show for more than three years, according to the press service of the TV channel TNT.At the last moment the apartment of Olga Buzova intercepted tori and Russel. They were able to convince everyone - presenters, and participants that Olga to give apartment for no reason - still a long time she went to St. Petersburg, and besides, her boyfriend Roman Tretyakov left the TV show, and one of Olga's apartment 70 square meters is too much.The other day Buzova, back from Peter, as the guest visited that apartment, where he planned to live with their boyfriend, and are unable to leave this situation without scandal. Olga warned tori and Russell that they are not used to this housing. Because Roma Tretyakov will soon return to the TV show and then Proskurov Karaseva and can't get them so easily "push", as they did in October, when there was a distribution of apartments. New voting for the right to live in the city will be held in February, as well as the drawing of the Moscow apartments in the property. Olga hopes that this time they'll have better luck. Source: "Old" Buzova all tired.

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