Helly berry wants to be pregnant forever

Helly berry wants to be pregnant foreverActress Halley berry so excited to be pregnant that she would like to stay in an interesting position forever. "I'm burning from all these hormones. Want to be eternally pregnant," happily said 41-year-old Oscar winner in an interview with InStyle magazine."I feel so much joy and energy that just can't stop," says Barry, adding that she now she eats many times as you want without worrying about the consequences, but trying to keep in shape, doing yoga, swimming, gymnastics, as well as on the elliptical trainer.Although berry said she doesn't yet know the sex of the baby, she's sure it's a girl. "In our house constantly playing Stevie wonder's "Isn't she lovely." For some unknown reason, I constantly hear it. It's a sign of having a girl," says the actress.Berry added that when she became pregnant, stopped drinking carbonated soft drinks due to contained substances there of caffeine and aspartame. Also berry says she often relaxed with a glass of wine, and now to relieve stress, it helps a good massage.The long-awaited pregnancy from her lover, the male model Gabriel Aubrey, Helly berry announced in September, when she was three months pregnant. Source: Helly berry wants to be pregnant forever.

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