Models undressed calendar for Victoria's Secret

Models undressed calendar for Victoria's Secret World famous lingerie brand Victoria's Secret has released the calendar, the creation of which was attended by leading models. Lifestyle women from Victoria's Secret is the desire to feel and look sexy, stunning.In parallel with these online stores sell cosmetics and perfume. Workshop marketing policy allowed the brand to rouse the once-quiet industry. Victoria's Secret holds regular show, demonstrations of new products with the assistance of supermodels. The new products are available each season. Online showing the latest from Victoria's Secret in 1999 became one of the hits of the Internet. To support the growth of its stores, the company plans to sell the most popular in the catalogues of the model in all its stores.And not so important what specific brand will be the leader in this market - the credit belongs to the founder of this brand - Roy Raymond, who created and nurtured the concept of industry such exclusive, but affordable lingerie. However, to enjoy the success of his brainchild ray never will. In 1993, strongly experiencing failure in a new business that he started, Raymond jumped off the Golden Gate bridge. But his legacy, that sweet heart of any modern woman who lives to this day. Source: Model undressed calendar for Victoria's Secret (photo).

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