Died Natalya Durova

Died Natalya DurovaAs reported MK.Ru Deputy artistic Director of the "Durov Corner", died people's artist of the USSR Natalia Durova.Natalya Durova was born 13 April 1934. Her extraordinary talent was evident from an early age, when four-year-old girl first appeared with his father on the circus arena. With him in mixed line brigades were in front of the soldiers on the front lines and in nine years, received the award from the hands of Marshal Zhukov - Guards badge.Natalya Durova - artistic Director, General Director GUK "Theatre "the Corner of grandfather Durov", people's artist of the USSR and Russia, laureate of State and international awards, writer, academician of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences. Source: Died Natalya Durova.

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