A rating of the sexiest men of 2007

A rating of the sexiest men of 2007The second time men's magazine AskMen.com made the list of the best male representatives in 2007 called Top 49 Men of 2007.Its composition was determined readers who were asked to answer the question, who of famous personalities worthy to be the epitome of masculinity.Chief editor James Bassil says: "Annual list of the Top 49 Men provides a glimpse into the collective intelligence of our readers and gives them a voice to Express who they care about".This year the most man of all men was the footballer David Beckham, who surpassed the actor Matt Damon and rapper Timbaland, who took second and third places respectively. The top five also included Roger Federer, tennis champion and singer Justin Timberlake.The first ten in the ranking formed the famous men from the world of cinema, sport and business: the role of James bond Daniel Craig (6), Apple CEO Steve jobs (7), who took last year's first place in the list of George Clooney (8), the racer "Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton (9) and a young Hollywood actor Christian bale (10).Further, from the known characters in the list we can mention the beloved Angelina Jolie, brad pitt, is not ranked in the top ten and took the 11th place, his colleague actor Denzel Washington (14), the author of famous "the Simpsons" Matt Groningen (17) and British comedian Sasha Baron Cohen (18), who played a Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiev.The head of the Virgin Empire businessman Richard Branson is located on 21-m a place on line ahead of actor Leonardo DiCaprio (22). Young British Prince Harry AskMen readers put on 23-th position, and famous golfer tiger woods has occupied 26-e a place.Kanye West, recently won a bet with his colleague rapper 50 Cent, was seeded at 28 m, and a rising Hollywood star Shia LaBeouf, who starred in "Transformers", has completed the third ten (30).At the 36th and 37th places we meet two old tycoons of business: Mexican media magnate Carlos slim, whom some have called the richest man in the world, and billionaire Stephen Schwarzman, head of Blackstone Group, the largest private company in the world.Richard Hammond, nicknamed "Hamster", leading autoproduce TopGear took 39th place, the husband of "Desperate Housewives" Eva Longoria basketball player Tony Parker - 42-e, and closes on the 49th place Gerard Butler - king Leonidas from "300". Source: a Rating of the sexiest men of 2007.

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