Fidel Castro spoke about his `possible death`

Fidel Castro spoke about his `possible death`Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Thursday 24 January said the Cuban media that was on the verge of death in July 2006, when his condition worsened dramatically, according to AFP.Recall that on 30 July 2006, Castro underwent major intestinal surgery. After that, Fidel, who for nearly half a century was the sole ruler of Cuba, temporarily handed power to his younger brother Raul, before holding a post of the Minister of defence of the country.Since then, Fidel never participated in any public event, and in December 2007 made it clear that it can resign. In an address to Parliament he said that was tied to power, but life changed his Outlook. He also urged the people to support his brother Raul.Will Fidel Castro leader of Cuba, will be decided at the inaugural meeting of the Cuban Parliament on 24 February. Source: Fidel Castro spoke about his "possible death"".

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