Husband of Lera Kudryavtseva `killed` 660 people

Husband of Lera Kudryavtseva `killed` 660 peopleHusband of famous TV presenter and actress Lera Kudryavtseva sitting in Butyrskaya prison - he is accused of fraud. The mystery of the mysterious disappearance of one of the successful capital businessmen Matvei Morozov opened the MC.Friends said that the whole year he was abroad, but it turned out that it is not. Morozov all this time was sitting on a bunk in the "Butyrka".Matvei Morozov was charged with fraud and illegal crossing of the state border. Morozov in 1989 was convicted of rape and robbery. After serving, he was released and set up shop, "Auto parts for all foreign cars of the world".In the store customers were asked to select the required spare part catalog, request and Deposit. Sometimes the amount of such prepayments amounted to 100% of the cost of the entire order. The details of the sellers promised to deliver in time from a few weeks to 2 months.When passed all the deadlines, managers said that the ship, for example, from the USA or Japan not released on time due to the storm, and have to wait another two months. Very impatient customers offered to pick up the long-awaited detail, but instead ordered the bumper was proposed to take, for example, a wing from a completely different car. Actually managers intentionally introduced distorted information in the order form.Every six months the store was out, so as not to Shine. Conman opened a new point in a new place. Thus from 1999 to 2005 stores Morozova roamed at least 10 times. By the way, in one of these offices Morozov three years ago, met his future wife - Lera Kudryavtseva.In the end Morozov declared wanted. Later field investigators UBEP the municipal Department of internal Affairs of Moscow have found out that the owner lived on someone else's passport, issued in the name of the inhabitant of St. Petersburg Kostrikina. According to this document, which was re-stuck the photograph of the holder, Morozov received a passport and 46 times managed to go abroad.Lera in interviews admitted that they do not believe men. It is unknown whether she was privy to the criminal antics of her husband, but anyway about them, she had never told anyone else.During the investigation it was found that frost had been deceived at least 660 people. On the virtual supply of spare parts he has received more than 12 million rubles. The other day the case was submitted to the court. Source: Husband of Lera Kudryavtseva "killed" 660 people.

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