The witness told about last words of Princess Diana

The witness told about last words of Princess DianaFirefighter Damian Dalby, who had one of the first to aid the deceased in a car accident Princess Diana, told investigators that the last words of lady Diana was "Oh my God", according to CNN.He also said that photographers-paparazzi present at the scene of the accident in the Paris tunnel under the Alma bridge, took pictures instead to provide the necessary assistance to the victims.The testimony of Damien Dalby were heard on Thursday at the Royal court in London via video link from Paris. Fire Dalby happened to be in the tunnel, where the tragedy occurred, one of the first. According to him, he tried to help the victims, not knowing what was in the car, the woman - the Princess of Wales. Dalby added that the photographers did not stop him.However, the witness noted that when arriving at the scene of the accident, the police began to push back "paparazzi," one of them said something like: "We make money, please let us do our job", reports RIA "Novosti".On the question of the lawyer leading the investigation, "is it true that lady Diana was trying to say?" Devi said, "Yes. She repeated "Oh my God".We will remind, on the eve of a new version of the death of the Princess. According to the witness of Jacques Morel, who gave evidence to the inquiry, photographers-"paparazzi" deliberately blocked the car of Princess Diana in a Paris tunnel, deliberately "lead" car in the Alma tunnel to force the driver to stop.Note that the court in London almost every day faced with new sensations, reproduced with new witnesses.So, on October 15 witness another French - Francois Levitr - told a London court that in the moments before the crash, the car Princess Diana was under the influence of a strange flash of light that could blind the driver. He spent the analogy between this phenomenon and an ordinary flash, and reported that "the light was like that, as if you were in range of the police radar.".

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